How To Get More Visitors to Your Blog – SEO Tips With Video

How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog - SEO Tips With VideoIt is easy to create a blog but it is not so easy to make it successful. Their is an art of getting more visitors to your blog and SEO is one of that art. Here I Am Sharing a Video along with the Article That provides you the knowledge of 5 Common Mistakes and 8 SEO Tips Those are Useful To Get More Visitors To Your Blog.


A Video for 5 Common Mistakes in SEO


10 Best and Easy SEO Tips to Improve your WordPress Blog

10 Best and easy SEO tips to improve your WordPress blog

Below are the 10 best and easy methods to improve your WordPress blog’s SEO:

Write brilliant content :
There is simply no better way to improve your search engine ranking than writing great content. Simple as that. SEO is not a substitute for writing brilliant stuff.

Leave worthwhile comments :

An increasing number of blogs are DoFollow, which means search engines see the link as a backlink (which is obviously good). With that in mind, if you read something that you find interesting, then leave a comment and potentially it’ll have a benefit to your ranking. However, (regular readers will know what is coming!) under no circumstances should you leave a comment that says anything like: “thanks. I try out on my new blog. BIG BLOG LINK”. Offer something constructive; perhaps your own thoughts or tips on the subject.

Make “blogging friends” :
One of the things I love about WordPress is the community. It’s not been too long since I “joined”, but it is immediately noticeable how willing people are to help, offer tips etc. However, one of the things I have found really valuable is help from other WordPress bloggers; I’m an author on Techotrack, and Aatif’s help has been simply brilliant – his advice has been priceless, and from an SEO perspective, having Social-catalog linking to my site has undoubtedly helped.

Use Header tags correctly within posts :
If your post has separate headings then tag them appropriately. Below is a guide to how you should head things up:
H1 – this tells Google this is the most important thing on the whole page. For that reason, it should contain post titles, not your blog’s title. The following code will do the trick:

H2 – this is the second most important content on the page, so should be used for sub-headings (as they are being used in this post).
H3 – use for sub sub headings and sidebar elements
H4 – sub sub sub headings and perhaps go this low for sidebar elements.

Create a sitemap :
Sitemaps tell search engines: here is my content. By giving search engines your content, it gets indexed and you get visits. Or something like that. The point is that sitemaps are an essential part of a blog’s SEO strategy and there is no excuse for not having one. Thankfully for WordPress users, you can easily create a sitemap with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin! Install it, set it up and tell Google where your new sitemap is. Done.

Use a search engine friendly title tag :
Don’t underestmate the importance of a good title tag. Making sure your title matches the content of your post accurately is highly important; when people are searching, if you’ve got a great post on the subject but your title is about your cat then it won’t be found!

Use alt tag on images :
Without an alt tag, search engines can’t tell what a certain image is. Again, WordPress users have got it easy; they can just fill out the description when they upload an image and hey presto. It’s an easy thing to do, so make sure you do it!

Super SEO for your comments :
The SEO Super Comments plugin dynamically generates pages for all your comments, making them indexable by search engines. Now you can rank higher for “Hi. Great post. Thanks. [big link]!”

Use “Pretty Permalinks” :
The final tip is use Pretty Permalinks! Under the settings tab in the WordPress backend, click ‘Permalinks’. You’ve then got a number of options, but I’d suggest you use a ‘Custom Structure’ and have either /category/post-name/ or /post-name/.

The code below will do either:



So there we are. Ten tips to improve your blog’s SEO.

Social Bookmarking Sites List August 2011


Top Best Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites List

Social Bookmarking Sites List August 2011


Zone Face
Add Sharer
Claim Bookmarks
350 Reviews
Your Lubbock
Advertising Your Site
Digg Bookmarks
Leslie Webs
Shiny Marker
Social Submit
Its Funny
Look at That
Stack Bookmarks
Dofollow Bookmarking
New Nooze
Linking Social
Social Web Plus
Social Word Buzz
Social Buzzs
Social Net Plus
Short Story
Social Bookmark
Gulf Bookmark
Info Net
Social Writing
Social Networking Site
News it Up
H 4U
News Anchors
One View Newz
BSP Bookmarks
Go Tagged
123 Social Bookmarking
My Space Egg
Top Social
Live Bookmark
AB Bookmarks
RotD Bookmark
Just Bookmark
A to Z Scan
Fing Me

Why Alexa Ranking Sucks!!

Why I do not care much about Alexa rankings
The very thought of installing a spy in my machine to track my behavior is repelling enough for me. And a system that depends upon such spies can never be trustworthy, because there are millions out there, who thinks like me, and who would never allow any intrusion in their privacy zone. And how come you ignore the
Why Alexa Ranking Sucks!!
behavior of such a huge community! Its more like the opinion polls conducted by various news channels before the elections here in India, and predictably every time they come out with a bizarre forecast, that ultimately never happens. This “type” can only work, if the samples taken to measure the effect are diverse enough and really big in volumes. In most of the cases this never happens and we get a faulty and biased result. I hate this man! How come you put on such a fucked up score sheet to calibrate ones quality?
Toolbar dependency
Alexa, solely depends upon the data fetched by its toolbars, installed in the machines of the users across the world. So, that means, if you have never heard of Alexa, and don’t have its toolbar installed in your browser, you are not qualified to cast your vote for a site. Fuck man!
A simple strolling will give you an idea, that all the technology related sites, tech blogs, web services sites, social networking sites and all are ranking really high in terms of Alexa. Reason is simple, Its young and tech savvy people, who install this toolbar the most in their browsers. So its easier for the tech and new age sites to get higher Alexa ranks, compared to others. 
Feeble consideration of linkings
Though the speculation is there, but still no one can say with conviction, that Alexa considers, links while ranking a site. Even if they do it, I’m more than sure that the contribution is really feeble and amateurish, compared to that of Google. 
Great presentation..thats it!
One thing that alexa does very well, is the way they represent their data. It makes people think that its really awesome and very analytical, which is not true. The presentation is great, but the data are not. It simply lacks the volume that is required for an authentic survey. So guys, beware, please do not come to a conclusion based on those incomplete data, better make a survey yourself or you can use a pretty cool tool named “Google”.

8 Ways to Promote Your Blog In Search Engines!

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8 Ways to Promote Your Blog In Search Engines!
There are certain periods when it occurs to you that you are the only person who reads your blog. Many of the times you try to write highly influential and detailed articles thinking that your blog is going to get many visitors. This does not however change the trend and you are left asking yourself what could be wrong with your blog.
To prevent such an experience you can do the following:
a) Take part in relevant forums
This is one of the most effective methods that can help you relate with the people you are targeting. If you put relevant comments that are useful to your readers you will find that many will want to visit your blog to learn more about what you are offering. You need to weigh your comments so that they don’t look like promotional materials for your blog.
b) Guest blogging posts.
These are very effective when it comes to directing traffic to your blog. Many links will be coming from those sites that have your content and all these will be useful in promoting your blog.
c) Make contributions to other blogs frequently.
If you make a habit of regularly contributing to other people’s postings in other related blogs you will find the same people coming to your blog and commenting. These will give you valuable back links.
d) Write Articles
By writing informative articles and posting them to high ranked article directories you can get traffic for your blog. The people who read these articles will want to come to your blog and see what you are offering in full. The articles need to be informative and detailed. You can think of offering solutions to something that is disturbing people in their lives. Do not promote your blog directly because this will make people to stay away from it.
e) Write press releases.
Press releases are another way of directing organic traffic into a blog. Just like articles, they are submitted to press release sites where you leave links to lead people to your blog.
f) Social Media sites.
These include sites such as Facebook and twitter where you can leave links to direct people to your blog,
g) Use RSS Directories.
These give you quality back links to direct traffic to your blog.
h) Free Ebooks.
You can write a free ebook that helps people with certain information. Those who read your eBook will direct others to your blog if they find it useful to them.
So,i think this article is very useful for bloggers,you can get more visitors to your blog why usine more tips from linkbacksite’s all about blogging tips/articles many more.Keep reading this blog.and subscribe for daily updates

Tips For Huge Web Traffic On Your Blog From Search Engines

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Blog Site Promotion - 4 Professional Blogger Tips For Huge Web Traffic From Search EnginesToday I am sharing this article,you can learn from this article that how to done Blog Site Promotion .Simply read and apply these super secrets for increasing blog popularity – if you can handle the traffic!!
My 4 blogging secrets are legitimate, easy to understand and effective in drumming up web sales!
These 4 tips are written to help bloggers make a personal connection with their target readers, and convert them into loyal customers over a short period of time with consistent application of these professional blogging tips, which are based on a proven approach to blog site promotion!
1. Use everyday words and everyday life as the basis for your blog posts! This simple blogging tip may come as a surprise for many web business owners but it is known to work, so don’t trash the idea just because it sounds too easy! Big words cut the connect with the average reader (research indicates the most popular blog sites use simple language, a friendly tone, even humor and original information the reader can use, or be entertained by). Succinct phrases, commonly used words and writing the way you talk helps build a relaxing feel around the blogosphere, which helps engage blog readers, earning your blog steady traffic.
2. Focus on giving value to your blog readers rather than sticking to the rule book! Don’t worry too much about sounding literary and rules of grammar, as even the better business blogs today follow an informal, even humorous format. Of course, it mak
es sense to use an active voice for your blog posts, if site promotion is your main aim. Doing so will help you address the reader as an individual, which improves the personalized feel necessary to convert a lead into a customer. But, on the whole, if you’ve gotten the main points across clearly in an organized manner, fixed any spelling errors and avoid inflated language or too much jargon in your blog post, site promotion will fall naturally in place.
3. Keep a friend handy to keep your blog writing honest! A good friend will be honest in pointing out obvious flaws in your blog writing, including disorganized thoughts or content that is overly sale-sy. So enlist a close pal to help you give your best voice to the most important blog posts. Your posts should ‘sound like you’ and be consistent with the image of your web business. Work with your friendly critic to ensure all your blog posts are authentic and appealing. This sincerity will help you build your blog readership and traffic substantially, especially if you have a flair for creative writing.
Combine original content with proven SEO tactics, like long-tail keyword integration in a natural manner to increase the relevance of your blog posts for better site promotion on Google and Yahoo!
4. Read your blog posts out loud! This step will draw your attention to any awkward sentence structure and poor punctuation that may have crept into your blog post’s first draft. Fix the parts you seem to ‘stumble’ over with words and phrases that fit more naturally in the flow of the topic before you make the post ‘live.’
Apply these tips for your will really see the great result in search engines like Google,Yahoo,MSN,Bing Etc.