Google Play Option is Added In Google’s Navigation Bar

Google Recently Added a New Digital Service in Google Navigation Bar That is Google Play. Google Introduce this Service in March 2012 When Google Rebrand its Android App Download Store. Google Play Includes an Online Store for Music , Movies, Books, Android Application and Music, As Well As a Cloud Media Player. Google Play is Online Service Which you can access from the Web, Mobile App On Andrioid and Google TV. Today When I Open Google Search in My Laptop then i Focused on Play Link. So I am Sharing This Article With You.

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Google+ Now Updated with Ice Cream Sandwich

Google+ Now Updated with Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’ve been following our Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich coverage, around the time the first screenshots were leaked, a couple of ICS-specific applications have also surfaced on the internet and Google+ was one of them. Now Google has officially updated the application and, aside from the usual bugfixes and performance enhancements, it also brings a completely new user interface. Ice Cream Sandwich is written all over it but aspect aside, you can now sign out the application and add people to a circle from circle profiles. Follow the source link below to download or update.

SOURCE: Android Market

Google TV Software Updated to V2.0, Add Android Market access

Google TV Software Updated to V2.0

Google has announced version 2.0 of its Google TV software, bringing a Honeycomb flavoured Android experience to the table. The key new addition to the Google TV setup is the Android Market, although not all apps are supported for obvious reasons. There is, of course, no GPS or telephony based apps on offer and because your TV isn’t a ruddy great touchscreen (if it is, you’re lucky) then the majority of touch based apps won’t work either. So that’s most of them.

But the Big G has promised that “50 developers have seeded the Market with cool and useful apps for the TV” and that it is “excited to see the number of apps grow”.

The new version has been given a more simple UI with customisable home screen, designed to be “similar to your Android phone or tablet”.

Search has also improved with the addition of “Live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, and more” and there’s also a new movie search option for 80,000 movies and TV episodes across cable or satellite, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and so on. The YouTube app has had a spring (well, autumn) clean as well.

Describing the first version of Google TV as a success would be a downright lie. And whilst it wasn’t exactly a car crash fail, it was akin to hitting the curb and going over your handlebars on a push bike. Not pleasant but recoverable.

At least the company realizes this though. “The initial version of Google TV wasn’t perfect, but launching it gave us the opportunity to learn,” it said. “These are still early days, and we’re working hard to move forward with each update.”

Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry Launched

Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry Launched

Facebook Messenger has landed on BlackBerry the social networking site has announced.

“In this version, we’ve included a bunch of new features and performance improvements designed to make your messaging experience even better,” says Facebook on the new app that joins Android and iPhone versions already available.

One of those new features is the ability to see who’s online and who’s on mobile, and know when the other person is typing. Its also easier to send messages to the people you message most. The new Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry is available in the App World now. The app is a standalone one – not just an extension of the current Facebook apps and ties in with the Message side of your Facebook persona, so will bring in all your Facebook conversations no matter where they took place and it also offers additional features like one-click access to messages, location mapping, and the ability to message groups and mobile contacts.

If your message target is a Facebook friend already they will receive the message through the social network, but you can also message non-Facebook friends with notes that will send as texts.

“When you’re on the go, coordinating a bunch of people can be tricky, especially if plans change at the last minute,” said Lucy Zhang, Beluga co-founder and Facebook engineer at the time of the original iPhone launch in August.

“With Messenger, you can quickly start a group conversation and message everyone at once. If you choose to add your location, the people you’re messaging with can easily find each other on the map. You can also attach photos, so everyone else can see and comment on what you’re looking at.”

Google Removes Google Voice from App Store

Google removes Google Voice from app store

Google has pulled the Google Voice app from the App Store, citing concerns about its propensity to crash within the new version of Apple‘s mobile operating system, iOS 5. According to Engadget’s Zach Honig, it’s unclear as to what exactly the source of the crashes might be or, for that matter, which smartphone and operating system combinations make Google Voice crash more than others. Honig didn’t happen to notice any peculiarities when he fired up the latest version of Google Voice on his iPhone 4 (running iOS 5), but a number of reviews listed for Google Voice within the App Store – before the app got pulled – indicated that the app was immediately crashing after users attempted to sign in.

“Our last update of this week had a bug that caused the app to crash at sign in. We removed it so it did not affect additional users until the fix gets published,” said Vincent Paquet, senior product manager for Google Voice, in an interview with Engadget.

So when can you expect to see Google Voice back up and running on the App Store? Unclear: There’s no official ETA as to how long it might take Google to patch up the holes in the boat, as it were. Users who currently have Google Voice installed on their iOS devices will still be able to access the app. However, they will be unable to make outgoing calls using their Google Voice numbers, and setting up new text messaging threads within the app is right out as well.

According to Paquet, the Google Voice team has at least been able to identify the source of the crashing and a fix is allegedly in the works.

“We are testing it and will release an update as soon as we can,” he wrote in an associated Google forum thread. “Sorry about this and thanks for your patience.”

Google Voice for iOS debuted in the App Store in November of 2010, a little more than one year after the first Google Voice app submission was outright rejected by Apple – the company didn’t want apps on its iPhone that mimicked one of the device’s core functionalities. In this case, dialing.

SOURCE: Engadget

Top 10 Applications For Honeycomb Tablet


Apps are the heart and soul of the Android tablet experience–but for new tablet owners, it isn’t always easy to figure out where to begin. While Google’s Android Market offers a small section of “featured” tablet apps, it doesn’t provide a comprehensive list of programs that are optimized for the larger screen.

And, while most Android apps will run on a tablet, those that are built explicitly to take advantage of the devices’ larger screens tend to provide the best experiences. I’ve spent countless hours finding and testing Android tablet apps to uncover the best of the best.

Here are 10 essential apps every Android tablet owner should consider :

PicSay Pro :

Picsay Pro
Android tablets pack plenty of multimedia potential, but what good is having photos if you can’t edit them on the fly? PicSay Pro, available for $3.99 in the Android Market, gives you everything you need to make your images pop.

Its tablet-optimized interface has easy-to-use tools for resizing, rotating, cropping, and flipping photos. Aside from being useful, I found the app fun to use: A couple of taps, for example, will let you paint on your pictures or apply a dizzying array of advanced effects, ranging from contrast and color adjustments to red-eye fixes and funky filters. If you plan on handling photos in any way from your tablet, you’ll definitely want this app in your arsenal.

Accuweather for Honeycomb :

Accuweather for Honeycomb
Get the weather in style with Accuweather’s free Accuweather for Honeycomb Android app. The app gives you a gorgeous graphical display of current conditions in your area, using your tablet’s GPS to figure out where you are. You can put that info right on your tablet’s home screen, too, thanks to the app’s attractive multicity widget.

Within the program itself, you can see the forecast hour by hour or switch to a 15-day view to plan ahead. You can even get detailed info about how the weather looks for a specific factor like grass growing, bicycling, or asthma risk. The Accuweather app has interactive radar and satellite maps; it also offers a selection of national and regional forecast videos as well as the latest weather headlines from around the world.

News360 for tablets :

News360 for Tablets
When it comes to news and tablets, no one does it better than News360. The News360 for Tablets app acts as your own personal news aggregator: While other apps allow you to browse specific sources or access RSS subscriptions, News360 tracks all the current hot news topics and gives you lists of sources to choose from, kind of like Google News. If you want, it can even study your social media and Google Reader habits and use that data to automatically find content that caters to your interests.

I found News360′s interface to be clean, crisp, and carefully crafted to take full advantage of Android’s tablet-centric features. Best of all, the app is free.

FileManager HD :

File Manager HD
One of Android’s advantages over other tablet platforms is that it allows you to browse your device like a computer: You can drag and drop files from your PC and access the tablet’s full file system, moving through directories and opening, copying, or sharing files as you wish.

In order to do this, you need a good file management utility. My pick is File Manager HD, available free in the Android Market (with an optional $2.49 in-app donation to eliminate a small on-screen ad). File Manager HD makes full use of your tablet’s display area with its multipaned, intuitive interface. It even boasts integrated support for file compression and decompression, as well as the ability to access remote systems via LAN or SMB connections.

SwiftKey Tablet X :

SwiftKey Tablet X
Google’s standard tablet keyboard is fine, but trust me, you can do better. Grab SwiftKey Tablet X, available for exactly $4.99 in the Android Market. It gives you a pimped-out keyboard that does all the hard work for you (well, most of it): SwiftKey uses a special “prediction engine” to analyze your typing habits and thereby predict your words before you type them.

I never cease to be amazed at how often SwiftKey’s predictions are right (and how much key-tapping that saves). SwiftKey is fully customizable, too, with multiple color schemes and an optional split-screen mode for thumbs-only input. Altogether, this app is a must-have add-on for any Android tablet.

Movies :

Movies by Flixster
Who doesn’t love movies? The aptly named Movies app, offered free from Flixster, gives you everything you could possibly want to get your Hollywood groove on.

When you open the app, you see a list of all the current movies showing that day. Tapping on any film brings up a panel with a detailed description, local showtimes, images, trailers, cast info, and reviews from critics and users alike. You can browse through upcoming theater releases and DVD releases, too, and search for any movie–past, present, or future.

I like the app for its ease of use and the sea of information that it puts at your fingertips. The Movies app even features Netflix integration, allowing you to manage your streaming queue and to add any title with a single tap.

SpringPad :

Need an awesome way to take notes, make lists, and save all sorts of info? Springpad is just the thing for you. The free app lives in the same neighborhood as note-taking services like Evernote and Catch, but its outstanding Android tablet interface puts it miles ahead in my book.

Springpad lets you input text notes, audio notes, image notes, or product notes (via scanned barcodes) into any number of “notebooks,” or categories, that you create. You can even input the name of a movie or book that catches your eye, and Springpad will automatically attach a full profile of the product to your note. Springpad continuously syncs your data, so all of your stuff is always accessible on the Web or via the company’s free Chrome extension.

QuickOffice Pro HD :

QuickOffice Pro HD
Tablets are great for note-taking, but sometimes you need to do more. That’s where Quickoffice Pro HD comes in. Quickoffice Pro HD, available for $20, is a full-featured productivity suite made specifically for Android tablets. It gives you robust word-processing, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint editing capabilities, all in a tablet-optimized interface that’s a pleasure to use.

Quickoffice Pro HD can integrate with a number of different cloud storage services, too–Google Docs, DropBox, and SugarSync, among others–allowing you to save files directly to the Web in addition to your device. For my money, no other Android tablet office app even comes close to comparing.

Wyse Pocketcloud Pro :

Wyse Pocketcloud Pro
These days, you don’t have to be in your house to get on your home PC. Android tablets are the perfect tools to run specialized software that lets you remotely access and control your computer. I’d recommend Wyse PocketCloud Pro, available for $14.99 (or free in a limited-functionality version).

Setting up PocketCloud Pro is simple, and once you’ve installed the PC or Mac client, it takes just seconds to get your desktop up and running on your tablet’s screen. You can swipe around the desktop with your finger and use mouse or keyboard tools to interact. PocketCloud Pro supports RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and VNC (Virtual Network Protocol) connections; it also offers TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption and the ability to connect to multiple computers.

Plume for Twitter :

Plume for Twitter
Tablets and tweets team up triumphantly with LevelUp Studio’s Plume for Twitter application. Plume, available free with an optional $2.99 ad-eliminating upgrade, gives you three customizable columns of Twitter-filled goodness. Any column can be set to show your main Twitter timeline, @mentions, direct messages, favorites, lists, or searches.

Tapping on a tweet causes it to open in a side panel on the screen. Plume has its own built-in browser, too, meaning that you can view linked pages without ever having to exit the program. Add in multiple account support and a completely customizable interface, and you’ve pretty much got the total package.

Download Angry Birds Rio For Java Supported Mobiles

Angry Birds Rio for Java Supported Mobiles

Here one of the most famous game for mobiles Angry Birds for Java supported phones. Its cool mobile game with lots of levels. Angry Birds is game that makes player addicted to play agian and again. According to stats 80% of those Android users who download the game also install the updates.

The game is about to use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses! The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each of the 225 levels requires logic, skill, and force to solve.

The Angry Birds was downloaded more than 30 million times. This downlaod count only for the ad-supported free Android version of the Angry Birds. According to Rovio Mobile Ltd.’s Peter Vesterbacka, who is speaking at GDC as part of a Google-run Android monetization panel.

Also remember that the figure was 5 million in December and its amazingly boost to whoping 30 million downloads very soon. In December Rovio said that ad revenue was about $1 million per month which means that currently Rovio may earning around $6 million monthly. Amazingly the free game make such a great revenue for the publisher of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile Ltd.

The Angry Birds was first released for Apple’s iOS in December 2009 and has sold 12 million copies. Angry Birds has counted more than 50 million downloads on all mobile platforms.

Download Free Angry Birds for Java Supported Phone Here:
AngryBirds.jar (2.43 MB)
AngryBirds.jar (Low Size, 1.18 MB)

Samsung ChatOn Messenger Application is Launched [Video]

Samsung Chaton Application

Samsung Chaton Application

Samsung’s cross-platform communication service, ChatON is now available for mass consumption. The app is currently available on Android via Samsung’s own app store. ChatON, if you’re unaware is Samsung’s tool for communication across various platforms including Android, bada, iOS, BlackBerry and PC. Currently, Samsung preloads the ChatON app only in bada 2.0 devices whereas Android users can download from the store. ChatON will enable users to have a 1:1 conversation, group chat and share multimedia content. ChatON currently supports over 25 languages.

4 Ways to Make Your Android Device Feel New Again

Android Device Feel New Again

Most people keep a phone for nearly two years. Unless you’re keeping things fresh, you’re likely to get a bit bored with the look and feel of your phone. And while you can’t change the hardware, you can surely change the software.

Here are four ways to make your Android feel new again, in order of easiest to most difficult :

Change your wallpaper :

This might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how much of a difference a change of wallpaper will make to your experience. Most devices let you change the lock screen wallpaper independently of the home screen, so you can get even more variety by making them different.

Our reccomendations? If you like Live Wallpapers, try Fireworks, Koi, or Super Mario. All are free.

If your battery life is on the fritz and you don’t want to toll your CPU with animated backgrounds, try Backgrounds HD for a huge selection of high-resolution static images.

Change your lockscreen :

Android Lockscreen
If the “slide to unlock” function on your homescreen is feeling a bit stale, check out WidgetLocker to increase the functionality of your homescreen. This app is well worth the the $2 pricetag, as it gives you endless flexibility to make your homescreen functional. You can add widgets, place multiple sliders to quickly launch your favorite apps, and more.

Change your launcher :

Android Launcher
Android is unique in that you can install a third-party launcher to change your home screen interface entirely. Don’t like HTC Sense, MotoBLUR, or TouchWiz? Try either LauncherPro or ADW Launcher EX. These apps let you set custom gestures for dock icons, apply visual styles to your application tray, and lots more.

Change your ROM :

At the end of the day, your phone is only as good as its core software. Thankfully, there’s a huge selection of third-party ROMs available from the development community that can increase your battery life, improve device performance, and drastically change the look and feel of every screen. For example, I’m currently running VillainROM on my Galaxy S II, which has improved my battery life by around 20%. Another popular ROM series is MIUI, which transforms your Android in what appears to be a totally different operating system.
To load a custom ROM, you must root your device and install a custom bootloader. To do this, allocate at least an hour of time to make it happen, as rooting often involves running through a handful of steps. Check out the development forum for your device over at XDA; you’re likely to find a sticky thread with instructions on how to get started.

Top 10 Features of New iOS 5

iOS 5 Features

Now that iOS 5 is available, scores of eager iOS users are busy downloading and updating their devices to the latest and greatest OS. We’ve already weighed in with our in-depth review but wanted to spend some time highlighting ten of the best and most upgrade worthy features in iOS 5.

Some of the features, like Notifications and iCloud, have been touted by Apple since WWDC back in June. Others, like Newsstand, photo editing and “Find My Friends” haven’t received as much press but are every bit as upgrade-worthy.

What are your favorite new features in iOS 5? Let us know in the comments.

Below are the top 10 features that makes iOS 5 more interesting and user friendly :

Notifications :

iPad Notifications
The new notifications feature is one of the biggest visual changes in iOS 5. Like copy/paste and multi-tasking, this is something users have wanted for quite some time. Although Apple owes much to Android, which pioneered the pull-down notifications concept, the implementation is pure Apple.

What I like most about the new notification is how apps can finely tune how and what to show you. Likewise, giving notifications access to widgets like weather and the stock ticker make quick glances at the phone that much more effective.

Twitter at the core :

Twitter iOS5 iPad
Apple’s decision to integrate Twitter with iOS 5 makes it the de facto social network on iOS devices. The Twitter integration works quite well. We appreciate that the Twitter UI cultivated across the service carries over into iOS. It’s a testament to just Twitter’s iOS products that Apple has allowed some of those core UI features to become part of iOS proper. Twitter could be further integrated into apps. We would love to see Siri and Twitter hook up.

iMessage :

iMesages iPad
Group messaging apps are not a new concept. One of the hallmark features of BlackBerry OS (when it’s working) is BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger. iMessage takes a BBM approach at group and text messaging, but the advantage is that it works across the 100 million-plus iOS devices. This means you can now send messages to individuals or groups from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. It works exactly like the standard MMS app on the iPhone and adds a new chat component to the iPad and iPod touch.

iMessage isn’t revolutionary for those of us with unlimited texting plans — but for those of us on a budget, and iPod touch/iPad users, it completely opens up the communication experience.

Photo editing :

Photo Editing iPad
In iOS 5, Apple has integrated what should be called “iPhoto Touch” directly into the app. Rotating, cropping and making minor adjustments to photos is now a breeze. No third-party apps required.

Newsstand :

Newsstand iPad
With Newsstand, Apple’s fastidiousness about app subscription rules makes a lot more sense. For publishers that choose to use Apple’s subscription system, new issues are delivered to users in a more seamless and elegant way. The latest issues of magazines and newspapers I subscribe to are automatically delivered to Newsstand. Each Monday, the latest issue of The New Yorker is downloaded on my iPad, and my digital subscription to the New York Times is updated each day. This increases engagement, which is key for publishers who want to convert users into subscribers and push other products.

Find my friends :

Find My Friend ipad
Apple’s new Find My Friends app isn’t built into iOS 5 but it requires iOS 5 to work. It’s a cool feature that makes sharing where you are and what you are doing easy. Glenn Fleishman and I have complained about the process of adding friends to our “Find My Friends” social graph — but that is the point. By not using any existing network, it makes sharing location with select users hard to mess up. The killer feature of Find My Friends: using it at live events like concerts and conferences.

iCloud :

iCloud ipad
If iCloud succeeds, it might make us forget about the debacle that was MobileMe. Firstly, iCloud is about using an iOS device with no Mac required. It also means that backups of photos, documents and app settings can happen without having to think about them.

The real test will be if Apple opens up iCloud to third-party apps. Dropbox is so awesome because it can be used by other apps to store and retrieve data. If iCloud could do that too, that would be huge.

iTunes in the Cloud/iTunes match in the Cloud :

iOS Music Match
iTunes Match won’t be available for a few more weeks, but I’ve been beta testing the service. It rocks. It’s great on the desktop, but iOS is where I really love it. All of my iTunes playlists and songs synced with iCloud (or purchased in iTunes) are available at a moment’s notice. I can stream a track if it isn’t on my device, or I can download a track or playlist for offline playback.

Wi-Fi Sync :

WiFi Sync

No more searching for the iPod USB cable! iOS now allows users to sync their devices with a local iTunes account over Wi-Fi. The sync can even be configured with an AirPort Express.

Syncing via iCloud is also possible. The advantage: iCloud lets users automatically download apps across devices (including in iTunes) across devices. That means that downloading an app on my Mac installs it on my iPhone and iPad too.

Better camera controls :

iPhone Camera Llockscreen

The Photos app got an overhaul, but the camera is better too. Now users can access the camera button directly from the lock screen. Windows Phone made manufacturers include a dedicated camera button on their devices. This is almost as good. Also, props to Apple for finally letting us use the volume button to snap a photo without getting temporarily kicked out of the App Store.