PTC Punjabi Film Award 2012 Winners – 5abiPortal

Live UpdatesCatch Live action on PTC Punjabi Channel (19:00 IST) onwards. Power Packed performances by Tusshar Kapoor, Kulraj Randhawa, Saleem, Surveen Chawla & many more.

  • Nupur Best Film Award: Jihne Mera Dil Luteya
  • Best Actor Award:- Diljit Dosanjh & Gippy Grewal / Jihne Mera Dil Luteya
  • Dove Best Actress Award:- Neeru Bajwa / Jihne Mera Dil Luteya
  • Tata Nano Best Director Award:Mandeep Kumar/Jihne Mera Dil Luteya
  • Best Debut Male: Rannvijay Singh/Dharti
  • Dove Best Debut Female: Surveen Chawla/ Dharti
  • Critics Award For Best Film: Dharti
  • Critics Award For Best Performance (Actor): Harish Verma
  • Critics Award For Best Performance (Actress) / Sudeepa Singh
  • Critics Award For Best Director: Navneet Singh / Dharti
  • Best Film Special Jury Award:  Ek Noor
  • Best Supporting Actror:  Kulbhushan Kharbanda / Khushiyaan
  • Best Supporting Actress: Rama Vij / Khushiyaan 
  • 2nd Lifetime Achievement award: Yograj Singh
  • 1st Lifetime Achievement award: Dheeraj Kumar
  • *Icon of Punjab special award – Dharmendra
  • Best Performance In a Negative Role: Deep Dhillon / The Lion Of Punjab 
  • Best Performance in a Comic Role: B N Sharma / Jihne Mera Dil Luteya 
  • Best Song: Lakk 28 Kudi Da-Diljit Dosanjh  / The Lion Of Punjab 
  • Best Music Director: Gurmeet Singh / Yaar Annmulle
  • Best Playback Singer (male):Master Saleem-Peerh / Yaar Annmulle
  • Best Playback Singer (female): Jaspinder Narula
  • Best Cinematography: Harmeet Singh / Dharti
  • Best Screenplay & Dialogue: Dheeraj Rattan / Jihne Mera Dil Luteya
  • Best Story: Dr. Ranjit Chandra / Ek Noor
  • Best Editing: Manish More / Jihne Mera Dil Luteya
  • Best Background score: Anjan Viswas / Dharti
Award function will be held on 18th February’12 in Chandigarh & will be telecast on PTC Punjabi Channel. Bad man Gulshan Grover along with singer/actor Diljit will host the event.
After a hugely successful 1st Annual Edition in 2011, PTC Punjabi announces 2nd Annual PTC Punjabi Film Awards.
Among the fastest growing language cinema in the country today, the Punjabi Cinema has achieved a predominant position in the field of Indian cinema not only in the country but also across the globe.
PTC Punjabi salutes and awards the immense talent and initiative undertaken by the Punjabi Film Industry through the 2nd ANNUAL PTC PUNJABI FILM AWARDS 2012.
PTC Punjabi Film Awards is not just an event but a Festival that recognizes the best of the year’s Punjabi Talent- Best Artists, Best Direction and Best Technique, displaying the best of the Punjab to the World.

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Best Tips to Save Your Website / Blog From Google Adsense BanGoogle Adsense is the way of earning from home for many people since 2003. So while applying adsense to your website various things that must be taken care of are as follows otherwise you are left with the banning of your web-blog or website.When you applied adsense to your site you must follow various terms and conditions of Google adsense.

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‘Death of Bin Laden’ Special Telecast On Discovery Channel Full Download

An hour-long special Telecast on how Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was tracked and killed by American commandos will be telecast on Discovery Channel on June 5.

The Telecast will provide a second-by-second account of the bin Laden operation — from the time the intelligence agencies gathered information in 2010 and to the time when he was buried in the sea.
It will show how intelligence tracked bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan by tracking a senior Al Qaeda courier.
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The repeat telecast will be June 6 and June 22.

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Facebook tests real-time update feature

Facebook said it is dabbling with a Twitter-like feature that alerts members in real time to what their friends are up to on the social network. The feature, reportedly called “Happening Now,” is being tried by a “fraction of a percent” of Facebook’s more than 600 million members, according to the world’s leading online social network.

The feature, reportedly called “Happening Now,” is being tried by a “fraction of a percent” of Facebook’s more than 600 million members, according to the world’s leading online social network.

“We are currently testing a feature within News Feed that gives people the ability to see what their friends are commenting on and ‘liking,’ as these actions are being taken on Facebook,” the California company said in an email reply to an AFP inquiry.


“In the coming weeks, as we learn more from this test, we’ll keep making improvements and may expand it to more people.”

The feature was seen by some as a potential challenge to global microblogging service Twitter, which lets people share what they are thinking, doing, or seeing instantly in messages of 140 or fewer characters.
The new Facebook feature for now apparently alerts people to what friends are doing at the social network.

Enter the World of New Technology with the Google Chromebook

Google, in collaboration with Acer and Samsung, is well set to launch new laptops termed as the Chromebook, which will be based on Google Chrome operating system.
Google launched the prototype of chromebook “CR-48” around six months ago. It was distributed among testers and programmers and there feedback helped Google and its partners making this project user friendly.
Both Acer and Samsung are stepping with two models each. One model is Wi-Fi enabled and the second model has the option of 3G connectivity as well. The price of Acer Chromebooks is lesser as compared to Samsung notebooks. Price for Samsung 5 series Chromebook starts from $429 and 3G model is priced at $499. Price of Acer Chromebook starts from $349 and price of 3G enabled model is still undisclosed.
Google Chromebook boasts of some amazing features, which some say will make you run away from your laptops. In this there will not be any extra software like Microsoft Office etc. Everything will be done online and your documents will be stored in Google docs. Storage of your documents and data in cloud makes it more secure. Another highlight of Google Chromebook is boot up time of just 8 seconds. This is really very less as compared to a normal laptop. This has been made possible because there are no extra software and applications present on Chromebook which takes lots of time in loading.
Google Chromebook comes with the feature in which there will be inbuilt internet facility. All the applications will be updated online. So you will have all the new applications on your laptop instantly after their launch.
Google has given a gift to the students by giving rent option to the students. Students can use Chromebook by paying a monthly rent of $20-$28 depending upon the model they are using. For internet lovers, Chromebook is a big thing because you can stay connecting to internet anywhere in this world. Google Chromebook is secure and will keep you away from malware and viruses.
Google Chromebook will be launched on June 15, 2011. It will be available on Amazon on the same day. So what are you waiting for? Just get ready to scrap out your old laptop. Enter the world of new technology with new Google Chromebook.

Human Brain Limits Twitter Friends

Human Brain Limits Twitter Friends
Yes, some people have millions of followers on Twitter. Lady Gaga was the first to hit 10 million. Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and Britney Spears are close behind. But how many of these followers are really their friends? Our brains, it turns out, limits that number to around 150.
In the early 1990s, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar figured out that the human brain can only accommodate between about 100 and 200 stable relationships. That’s essentially because we have so much to do in so little time that our brains limit the number of relationships we can manage.
But with the rise of social media, this premise, at a glance, seems to be changing. Many of us maintain hundreds, if not thousands, of connections on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Could it be that these networks are lifting our social capacity?
To find out, Bruno Goncalves and his colleagues at Indiana University gained temporary access to the Twitter “firehose,” as they call it, and analyzed 380 million tweets sent by 3 million tweeters over a period of four years.
To be a friend instead of just a follower on Twitter, for the study at least, Goncalves’s team worked out a formula that measures increasing bonds by the number of conversations, or exchange of tweets, between individuals.
A lot of tweets between you and Lady Gaga? Cool. You might be a true friend, not just one of her millions of followers.
What the researchers found was that when a person opens an account on Twitter, they have few friends and few interactions with them but as time goes by, stable users get more and more friends. Then they get overwhelmed.
“Eventually, a point is reached where the number of contacts surpasses the user’s ability to keep in contact with them. This saturation process will necessarily lead to some relationships being more valued than others,” the researchers write in their study posted on the preprint server Physics arXiv.
That point, it turns out, is between 100 and 200, as predicted by Dunbar.
“This finding suggests that even though modern social networks help us to log all the people with whom we meet and interact, they are unable to overcome the biological and physical constraints that limit stable social relations,” they conclude.

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