Nokia Tattoo Technology Sense When Your Phone is Ringing

Nokia Tattoo Technology

Tattoo Technology of Nokia is in its Patent Stage , that may or may become a reality , that would sense whether your phone is ringing or not. Users would have to commit to a minor surgical procedure to have advantage of this technology. The magnetic tattoo ensures that you are not going to miss another call .

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Today's Technology As A Two Stripe Sword in Playing Its Role

Today's Technology As A Two Stripe Sword in Playing Its RoleTechnology is a jargon for “software” , ” hardware” or something that is too technical to name. Today , the enhancing technology plays an important role in increasing level of society. Technology has always been a major means for creating new physical and human environments. From the few previous years , technology has changed the lives of the the human and make it easier as a whole. Today , we are using the cell phones , computers and vehicles that makes our life a little bit faster. From the time we wake up , our breakfast can’t be completely compared without using technology.Almost everything is driven by the technology today. If , i would say that we are living at the technology then i think everyone agrees with me.

Technology plays an important role in the medical field too. We are finding faster ways of treatment for new illnesses and keep people alive during tough surgeries. We can’t defy the fact that we are surrounded bt the technology , and it is advancing very fast with the countless inventions and innovations. Technology has spread out its steps in the entertainment field too. There are many game consoles that we purchase and play today.The gaming technology is now being applied to our cell phones also to make calls , send texts , check mails and play some of  the latest games around. What we will fine in the years to come. There are infinite possibilities to make the like even more easy and convenient.

Today's Technology As A Two Stripe Sword in Playing Its Role

However , the technology is just like a two stripe sword. No doubt, it changes the life of the human beings in many ways but if it is not use properly , this could affect us in a bad way. The use of technology should have a limitation. We should use the technology , but never let the technology to use us.

ASUS Unveils SBW-06C2X-U External Blu-Ray Writer in India

ASUS Unveils SBW-06C2X-U External Blu-Ray Writer in IndiaASUS, a brand popularly known for its netbooks, notebooks as well as other PC components have recently introduced the SBW-06C2X-U, an external Blu-ray writer in India. The main feature of this Blu-ray writer is its capability of burning up to 128GB of data on a single Blu-ray disc. ASUS claims that, with the smart burn management the writer can burn faster and better quality of data at 6X Blu-ray writing. It also features a Magic Cinema technology that the brand claims offers a complete Blu-ray multimedia solution for the home.

This external Blu-ray writer has BDXL support thereby expanding the maximum capacity that can be burned on a single BD-R (TL) disc from 50GB to 100GB. The maximum amount of data that can be burned on a single BD-R (QL) disc is 128GB. Such a large amount of storage on a single disc helps consumers conserve storage space and time, while encouraging easy backups for additional data protection and longevity. This external writer burns at 6X Blu-ray writing and the company claims that 25GB of data takes a mere 23 minutes to burn. Magic Cinema technology that comes bundled with the SBW-06C2X-U enables effortless conversion of files into 3D movies, photos and audio. It also automatically converts existing 2D and DVD content to 3D if required by users.

The ASUS SBW-06C2X-U supports multiple OS platforms, including both Windows and Mac OS X, negating the need of purchasing additional external writers for each OS. The ASUS SBW-06C2X-U external Blu-ray writer is available in India for Rs.9,800, excluding taxes.


Modular USB Flash Drive Reviews

Modular USB Flash Drive Reviews

Modular USB Flash Drive Reviews

USB drives may come in all shapes and sizes these days, but they all basically give you one of two choices: you can buy one big drive to store as much of your data as possible, or juggle a bunch of drives if you want to keep things separate. Designer Hyunsoo Song has proposed an alternative with this so-called Amoeba modular USB flash drive, however, which let you sort your data on individual drives that can be used both on their own or together as one large drive. The idea there being that you can keep the drives together most of the time, and just detach the appropriate section if you want to share only your photos or videos with someone. Of course, the keyword here is “concept,” but it’s not exactly as far beyond the realm of possibility as some others we’ve seen.

SOURCE: Yanko Design

Video Calling Service Tango Launches On PC

Mobile video calling app Tango is now on PC desktop computers supporting XP, Vista and Windows 7 . Tango  launched on Android and iOS devices a year ago and got great response from Users. The company says After Desktop version a Mac version will be available later this year.

Video Calling Service Tango Launches On PCMobile video calling app Tango’s new PC version has the same look and feel as the Tango app for mobile devices . After installing the tango you have to enter your email and phone number to get started . If you are the existing Tango user then PC app will automatically populate your address book with your Tango contacts.

Samsung unveils NX200 Interchangeable Lenses Camera

Samsung unveils NX200 interchangeable lenses cameraSamsung today announced its new NX200, a 20.3 megapixel interchangeable lens system using the company’s proprietary APS-C CMOS sensor. It also features a high-speed continuous mode that shoots up to 7fps and full HD video recording, 1920×1080 at 30p. If those specs aren’t enough, notice the wide ISO range, from 100 to 12800, covering seven stops. Availability hasn’t been announced yet, but pricing should run about $900 with an 18mm-55mm zoom lens and on-camera flash — a number of other lenses will roll out in the coming months. Give your eyes a feast with the gallery below, and check out the full PR and specifications after the break.

Samsung unveils NX200 Interchangeable Lenses Camera

Inkling Smart Pen From Wacom

Inkling Smart Pen From WacomWacom introduces Inkling, a new digital sketch pen that transfers layered sketches to a PC or Mac via a USB connected receiver, which can then be edited with the included Sketch Manager software. Virtually anyone who uses sketching to capture their creative ideas and wants to have their drawings in a digital format to e-mail, archive or further refine on their computer can benefit from Inkling. The Livescribe-esque pen has pressure sensing technology with 1,024 levels of sensitivity. It will be available mid-September for $199. Video of the device and full PR after the break.


LG unveils HX906TX Home Theater System Review

LG unveils HX906TX home theater system

LG unveiled new HX906TX 9.1 cinema sound system — a ten-speaker package claiming to deliver “truly 360-degree sound.” It’s designed to make you feel like you’re at the center of the audio (even if you’re really at the far end of the room) — the way you might hear in a concert hall or really large bathroom with great acoustics. LG says it uses a DSP algorithm to pump audio vertically and horizontally using 3D reflectors, extending sound upwards and filling in the gaps. You’ll also get added features like Blu-ray playback, WiFi Direct and Smart TV connectivity to smartphones and tablets using an app, although there’s no word yet on pricing or availability. Full PR after the break.

iPhone 5 Confirmed For Release in October

As you people know there are lot rumors about iphone 5 and the latest is Apple’s iPhone 5 could go on sale on Friday, October 7 with preorders to start on September 30,  in the ongoing saga of the hotly anticipated next edition of Apple’s smartphone and the date first reported by TiPB, also 9To5Mac said that Apple had been eyeing either October 7 or October 14 as potential iPhone 5 launch dates. Apple has not said when it will launch the iPhone 5, which is widely expected to arrive this fall along with a final version of iOS 5 and iPhone 5 widely expected to feature the A5 dual-core processor found inside the iPad 2, and a better camera (possibly 8 megapixels)…………..

iPhone 5 Confirmed For Release in October

Apple’s next generation iPhone will be an iterative iPhone 4S or a completely revamped iPhone 5, which could go on sale October 7 in the US. That’s a Friday, which isn’t uncommon for iPhone launches. Originally it sounded more like a second week of October launch, more like October 14, but now it sounds like the first week. It could even be that the iPhone 4S is the budget iPhone Apple supposedly completed work on just before WWDC 2011 and the iPhone 5 is the new high-end model. That could explain the supposedly conflicting rumors. Apple is rumored to be producing two new iPhones for a fall debut; one as an upgrade to the iPhone 4 and one as a cheaper, possibly prepaid, addition to the Apple smartphone lineup. The iPhone  5, at least will likely feature Apple’s dual-core A5 processor, an eight megapixel camera and iOS 5. In addition, the new flagship phone is expected to feature new software such as a powerful voice-based navigation system and other goodies like panorama photography capabilities. Still, Apple can and will change their plans up to event day, so take all of this with a Cupertino-sized grain of salt.

Apple’s iOS 5 File Says Beta 6 Is Coming Very Soon

iCloudil has found a file in iOS that appears to identify the release date of upcoming firmware versions and next iOS 5 Beta shall be released on 18 August. Apple can remotely control the dates in iOS file system and the main target would remain unchanged, that is, iOS 5 Beta 6 will arrive in August followed by the final release in September
Apple’s iOS 5 File Says Beta 6 Is Coming Very SoonAccording to a change in an iOS file spotted by, Apple has set Thursday, August 18 as the release date for iOS 5 beta 6. It turns out that the file is remotely changeable by Appleand the dates seem to be targets because the original date in the file was a day earlier (Aug. 17).

Apple’s iOS 5 File Says Beta 6 Is Coming Very Soon

However, many people believe this is just be another iTunes check for update date and iTunes usually does this weekly.