10 Best Racing Games for iPhone

NFS Hot Pursuit on iPhone 4 10 Best racing games for iPhoneRacing games have long been one of the most successful genres for the iPhone. The motion of tilting the device left and right makes for a great simulation of a steering wheel.

Of course, the App Store is home to more than just traditional racing games – there are plenty of titles that stretch the limits of the genre, and introduce new ways to race.

Here are 10 of the best racing games for iOS.

1. Death Rally

DeathRally 10 Best racing games for iPhone
This isometric-perspective racer has players trying to win races, but also take opponents out in the meantime.

Players compete in various events, from standard races to knockout races, and ones where specific weapons must be used. The most recent update allows up to 6 players to race against each other online.

2. Forever Drive

ForeverDrive 10 Best racing games for iPhone
Players race against the clock in this game, increasing their combo meter to go faster, which makes it easier to crash, but speed must be maintained to keep the timer from running out.

All the tracks in the game are created by users, through the easy-to-use level creator.

3. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

SonicAndSegaAllStarsRacing 10 Best racing games for iPhone
Players racing around tracks in this kart racer as Sonic the Hedgehog and other famous Sega characters. The game lets players pick up weapons and other items to try and sabotage their opponents on the tracks, which are all inspired by various Sega games.

While the game does serve as a nostalgia trip for Sega fans, it’s a great example of arcade-style kart racing. Challenge a friend over Bluetooth or up to three friends online.

4. Real Racing 2

RealRacing2 10 Best racing games for iPhone
This game from Firemint is one of the best racing simulators and best-looking iOS games. Players are behind the wheel of several real vehicle brands to race against up to 15 other opponents across a variety of locales.

iPad 2 owners will enjoy the TV-output options for up to 1080p, so they can use their iPad as a remote control. Split-screen multiplayer is available with other remote control devices.

5. Cubed Rally Racer

CubedRallyRacer 10 Best racing games for iPhone
Players must reach the end of the courses in this unconventional racing game without running out of gas.The game’s tracks are composed of randomsegments, so players learn how to navigate and adapt to the course changes and various hazards.

There’s also an endless mode, so players can challenge for high scores on randomly-generated levels.

iPad owners can compete with a friend on the same device.

6. Reckless Getaway

RecklessGetaway 10 Best racing games for iPhone
In this racing game, players control a getaway car, avoiding cops and recklessly takingout anyone who is in the way.

The goal is to weave skillfully through traffic while destroying other cars and collecting coins and powerups. Crashing will limit the maximum number of points that can be earned in a level.

For those not content with sports cars, a separate mode with a big rig is available, where the only goal is destruction.

7. Jet Car Stunts

JetCarStunts 10 Best racing games for iPhone
This game has players racing through tricky levels filled with ramps, midair gates, and other perilous elements. Players must tilt their device to angle a jet car in mid-air, and deploy their limited turbo strategically to make it through the air and complete the levels as quickly as possible.

The ability to see friends’ times and view their replays adds lasting value to this game.

8. 1000 Heroz

1000Heroz 10 Best racing games for iPhone
This might be an unorthodox choice for the list, since it more closely resembles a side-scrolling platformer. However, its time trial gameplay — with courses that require repetition and practice to properly master — makes it share plenty of elements with more traditional racing games.

The addictive hook here is that there’s a new level to race on every single day, with global leaderboards comparing single races and overall performance.

9. DrawRace 2

DrawRace2 10 Best racing games for iPhone
Imagine if FlightControl was a racing game – that’s what this game is.

Players draw lines around race tracks, and the faster a line is drawn, the quicker the player goes. With turbo boosts to deploy, there’s no just sitting back and watching the cars race.

The game features asynchronous online multiplayer, where players race three other players, trying to beat them to increase their online rank.

10. 8 Bit Rally

8Bitrally 10 Best racing games for iPhone
Remember racing games like Pole Position and Rad Racer? This game pays homage to the classics, with simple  graphicsand racing that feels like it came straight out of the 80′s.

Of course, with upgradeable cars, money earned through wins and an overall more forgiving attitude, this is one that even modern gamers will want to play.

Top 10 Features of New iOS 5

iOS 5 Features

Now that iOS 5 is available, scores of eager iOS users are busy downloading and updating their devices to the latest and greatest OS. We’ve already weighed in with our in-depth review but wanted to spend some time highlighting ten of the best and most upgrade worthy features in iOS 5.

Some of the features, like Notifications and iCloud, have been touted by Apple since WWDC back in June. Others, like Newsstand, photo editing and “Find My Friends” haven’t received as much press but are every bit as upgrade-worthy.

What are your favorite new features in iOS 5? Let us know in the comments.

Below are the top 10 features that makes iOS 5 more interesting and user friendly :

Notifications :

iPad Notifications
The new notifications feature is one of the biggest visual changes in iOS 5. Like copy/paste and multi-tasking, this is something users have wanted for quite some time. Although Apple owes much to Android, which pioneered the pull-down notifications concept, the implementation is pure Apple.

What I like most about the new notification is how apps can finely tune how and what to show you. Likewise, giving notifications access to widgets like weather and the stock ticker make quick glances at the phone that much more effective.

Twitter at the core :

Twitter iOS5 iPad
Apple’s decision to integrate Twitter with iOS 5 makes it the de facto social network on iOS devices. The Twitter integration works quite well. We appreciate that the Twitter UI cultivated across the service carries over into iOS. It’s a testament to just Twitter’s iOS products that Apple has allowed some of those core UI features to become part of iOS proper. Twitter could be further integrated into apps. We would love to see Siri and Twitter hook up.

iMessage :

iMesages iPad
Group messaging apps are not a new concept. One of the hallmark features of BlackBerry OS (when it’s working) is BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger. iMessage takes a BBM approach at group and text messaging, but the advantage is that it works across the 100 million-plus iOS devices. This means you can now send messages to individuals or groups from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. It works exactly like the standard MMS app on the iPhone and adds a new chat component to the iPad and iPod touch.

iMessage isn’t revolutionary for those of us with unlimited texting plans — but for those of us on a budget, and iPod touch/iPad users, it completely opens up the communication experience.

Photo editing :

Photo Editing iPad
In iOS 5, Apple has integrated what should be called “iPhoto Touch” directly into the app. Rotating, cropping and making minor adjustments to photos is now a breeze. No third-party apps required.

Newsstand :

Newsstand iPad
With Newsstand, Apple’s fastidiousness about app subscription rules makes a lot more sense. For publishers that choose to use Apple’s subscription system, new issues are delivered to users in a more seamless and elegant way. The latest issues of magazines and newspapers I subscribe to are automatically delivered to Newsstand. Each Monday, the latest issue of The New Yorker is downloaded on my iPad, and my digital subscription to the New York Times is updated each day. This increases engagement, which is key for publishers who want to convert users into subscribers and push other products.

Find my friends :

Find My Friend ipad
Apple’s new Find My Friends app isn’t built into iOS 5 but it requires iOS 5 to work. It’s a cool feature that makes sharing where you are and what you are doing easy. Glenn Fleishman and I have complained about the process of adding friends to our “Find My Friends” social graph — but that is the point. By not using any existing network, it makes sharing location with select users hard to mess up. The killer feature of Find My Friends: using it at live events like concerts and conferences.

iCloud :

iCloud ipad
If iCloud succeeds, it might make us forget about the debacle that was MobileMe. Firstly, iCloud is about using an iOS device with no Mac required. It also means that backups of photos, documents and app settings can happen without having to think about them.

The real test will be if Apple opens up iCloud to third-party apps. Dropbox is so awesome because it can be used by other apps to store and retrieve data. If iCloud could do that too, that would be huge.

iTunes in the Cloud/iTunes match in the Cloud :

iOS Music Match
iTunes Match won’t be available for a few more weeks, but I’ve been beta testing the service. It rocks. It’s great on the desktop, but iOS is where I really love it. All of my iTunes playlists and songs synced with iCloud (or purchased in iTunes) are available at a moment’s notice. I can stream a track if it isn’t on my device, or I can download a track or playlist for offline playback.

Wi-Fi Sync :

WiFi Sync

No more searching for the iPod USB cable! iOS now allows users to sync their devices with a local iTunes account over Wi-Fi. The sync can even be configured with an AirPort Express.

Syncing via iCloud is also possible. The advantage: iCloud lets users automatically download apps across devices (including in iTunes) across devices. That means that downloading an app on my Mac installs it on my iPhone and iPad too.

Better camera controls :

iPhone Camera Llockscreen

The Photos app got an overhaul, but the camera is better too. Now users can access the camera button directly from the lock screen. Windows Phone made manufacturers include a dedicated camera button on their devices. This is almost as good. Also, props to Apple for finally letting us use the volume button to snap a photo without getting temporarily kicked out of the App Store.

Apple iOS 5 is Now Available for Download

iOS 5 Release Download

There are still a couple days left until you can get your hands on an iPhone 4S running the latest iOS 5, but for the many Apple users who will be upgrading their existing smartphones, the first chance to try out iOS 5 has already arrived, with Apple releasing updates for compatible hardware today. The updated OS is now available for download through iTunes 10.5. Apple announced iOS 5 in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference. The new OS includes a slew of new features including deep Twitter integration, a revamped notification system, an updated camera app, a revamped version of Safari and more. WiFi sync now lets you synchronize and back-up your phone without tethering it to your computer; just charge your iPhone within range of your home WiFi network. Keep in touch with other Apple users with the new iMessage, supporting group messaging, read receipts, and media-rich messages.

iOS 5 also includes iCloud, Apple’s service for accessing and syncing photos, music, emails and other media through the cloud.

In addition to iOS 5, Apple has released a new version of Mac OS X Lion that includes support for iCloud.

Facebook App for iPhone Updated to V 4.0

Facebook App for iPhone Updated to V 4.0

Facebook App for iPhone Updated to V 4.0

With the occasion of launching the iPad app and the redesign of the Facebook mobile webpage, the iPhone client has been updated to a completely new version, number 4, often referred to in the past as Project Spartan. Right from the beginning, if you are having problems starting the application after the update (like we did), just uninstall Facebook and reinstall the new version. That small glitch aside, the app looks really good! We wished sliding gestures would be enabled (like on the iPad) to reveal the side menu instead of pushing the small button. So what does the new Facebook bring? Improved search and browsing, Games and Apps as well as better Chat, Navigation, Bookmarks, Search and Security. Follow the source link to grab it or check with your iTunes or App Store apps.

SOURCE: iTunes

5 Best Multiplayer Games for iPhone

When one thinks of multiplayer gaming on the iPhone, turn-based board games like Words With Friends come to mind. They’re extremely convenient, allowing friends near and far to play games together at their own pace and convenience.

However, these games lack action and immediacy. After all, there’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes from beating a friend, and instantly being able to view his reaction. Thankfully, iOS is full of games that can help satisfy that desire through live multiplayer action.

Below are the best five games on iOS which will certainly grab your attention :

1. Street fighter IV volt :

Street Fighter 4 Volt

Street Fighter 4 Volt

This modern entry of Capcom’s famous fighting game series has an elaborate, near-console quality iOS version. The Volt version enables online play, allowing for battle between two players anywhere in the world. Capcom has also shown a commitment to post-release support by adding new content and addressing technical online play issues. Those who fear that a fighting game won’t work on a touch screen as well will be pleasantly surprised to maneuver Street Fighter mobile play.

2. Star legends :

Star Legends

Star Legends

This online role-playing game allows players to tackle quests with others all over the world. A player can auction items and acquire special equipment, just like the traditional MMORPG games, but now it can be played during the morning commute. The game is free, with no subscription costs, and as a bonus, is a universal app on iOS. Player accounts are cross-compatible with Android, making it possible to play as the same character on both devices.

3. Deadlock :



A surprising rarity on iOS, this dual-stick shooter features competitive online play in both deathmatch and objective modes, alongside standard single-player survival modes. Players hunt down opponents using two virtual joysticks, one for movement, and the other for firing in a given direction. Players can earn experience that goes toward better weapons and equipment.

4. Real racing 2 :

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2

Firemint’s racing title is possibly the best-looking game in the App Store. It features online racing for up to 16 players. Participants can take their speedy vehicles earned in single-player mode into multiplayer, and race around each of the game’s tracks. Watch out for a racing field that won’t be afraid to run you off the course — or just win via precision racing.

5. Sonic & Sega all stars racing :

Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing

Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing

Sometimes it’s just more fun to launch a precision missile at other racers. Kart racers (think Mario Kart) features a variety of Sonic and Sega characters that race around crazy Sega-inspired tracks, deploying weapons and special abilities to get to the front of the pack.

iPhone 4S Pre-orders Start Tomorrow

It’s been a couple days since Apple announced the iPhone 4S and you’ve had time to think over whether or not the CPU boost and new camera are features worth upgrading for, or if you’d rather hold out for future hardware. For many Apple fans, we’re guessing that the new features those updates will support, like 1080p video recording and the Siri assistant, are winning you over. If your mind’s now made up, your first chance to get in a pre-order for the smartphone begins tomorrow.

iPhone 4S Pre-orders Start Tomorrow

Apple set the date for pre-orders to begin one week before the the iPhone 4S becomes available at retail, on October 14. We’re seeing the individual carriers put out their own announcements confirming the start of pre-orders as well. While Verizon and AT&T continue to sell-off their old stocks, this is the first time Sprint has had a shot at the original iPhone 4. If you like the sound of the carrier’s unlimited data offerings, but maybe didn’t want to pay the minimum $200 you’d need for a 4S, the iPhone 4 on Sprint sounds like a good compromise. Speaking of Sprint’s unlimited data, the carrier has now officially confirmed that the iPhone 4S will support the plans. We had an all-but-authoritative bit of hearsay to go on earlier, but it’s now been spelled out, clear as day.

SOURCE: Sprint, Verizon

Steve Jobs in his Own Words

Steve Jobs in his Own Words

I’ll always stay connected with Apple. I hope that throughout my life I’ll sort of have the thread of my life and the thread of Apple weave in and out of each other, like a tapestry. There may be a few years when I’m not there, but I’ll always come back

– Steve Jobs, 1985

That’s a quote from a Playboy interview Steve Jobs gave back in 1985. February of 1985, to be specific, right before Steve would be ousted from the company that he co-founded with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Apple of course famously grew out of a garage, the brains of Woz, the drive of Jobs building the company over the next nine years into a powerhouse in the burgeoning home computer market.

Join us for a look back at the life of Steve Jobs.

Steve has always had his own way of doing things, a famous temper that left many engineers crying. When things were going well, he was worshipped. But, when things started turning sour, that unique way didn’t earn him so many fans. In May of 1985 Jobs was effectively fired by John Sculley, who’d joined Apple from Pepsi as CEO. Steve Jobs was free to do his own thing.

The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.– Steve Jobs, 2005

Steve went on to found NeXT Computer, a highly advanced (and highly expensive) desktop computer that won favor among developers for its object-oriented foundations. But, it never found financial success. His other main diversion, however, would find plenty.

There are downsides to everything; there are unintended consequences to everything. The most corrosive piece of technology that I’ve ever seen is called television – but then, again, television, at its best, is magnificent.

– Steve Jobs, 2003

In 1986 Jobs bought a company called Graphics Group, a small firm that was responsible for visuals like the Genesis effect in Star Trek II. Jobs paid $5 million for the company. In 2006, 20 years after Jobs acquired it, Disney purchased that company (now called Pixar) for $7.4 billion.

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

– Steve Jobs, 1998

Apple acquired Steve’s NeXT in 1996, bringing the man back into the fold and, before long, bumping him back up to the CEO position. From here, Steve went on a spree of killing off unsuccessful projects (like Newton) before ushering in many of the changes that would, ultimately, turn Apple into the company we know today.

When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions.

– Steve Jobs, 2006

Steve would come up with many, many elegant solutions to problems that many people didn’t know they had over his next 15 years at Apple. The iMac would be released in 1998 under his watch, a device that he said marries “the excitement of the internet with the simplicity of Macintosh.” But, in 2001, Apple would really hit its stride.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.

– Steve Jobs

It would be in 2001 that Apple really turned into the company that we know today. It re-invented the Mac operating system with OS X (built from NeXT foundations), launched its own retail chain of Apple stores, and launched both the iPod and the accompanying iTunes. At first, these were curiosities. They’d soon become unshakable industry behemoths.

We’re just enthusiastic about what we do.

– Steve Jobs, 1985

From here Apple would launch the iPhone in 2007, the App Store in 2008, and the iPad in 2010. All three launched as curiosities, all three having their doubters, and all three following the (ever-expanding) iPod line to heights that nobody could have foreseen — surely even Jobs himself. People may have been a little disappointed with the iPhone 4S recently, but that’s only because Apple has impressed everyone so much in the past.

I’m sorry, it’s true. Having children really changes your view on these things. We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die. It’s been happening for a long time.

– Steve Jobs, 1993

Steve Jobs has had a remarkable effect on the industry as a whole. His impact on the progression of personal electronics cannot be overstated and his swift departure leaves a hole none could fill, but he has built a legacy that few could ever hope rival. Apple computer now stands firmly as a leader in consumer electronics, and for many it will always be known as The House that Steve Built.

iOS5 Brings PC Free Usage to Your Mobile Devices

iOS5 Brings PC Free Usage to Your Mobile Devices

If you own an iOS device then you know how annoying it is to have to plug in your mobile device to a PC to get it going or make any changes to it. With iOS 5, you no longer need a computer to own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You’ll now be able to activate and set up your device wirelessly, right out of the box. This includes downloading iOS software updates directly on your device. And you’ll be able to do more with your apps — like editing your photos or adding new email folders — on your device, without the need for a Mac or PC. Of course this is integrated with iCloud and you’ll be able to back up and restore your device automatically. Click on the source link to learn more.


Google+ iPhone app gets Updated with lot of Improvements

Google, after opening its Google+ social network to the public — gaining an additional 10 million users in its first two days — the search giant follows Tuesday’s Android update of Google+ with a similar refresh to its iOS version, now available free on the App Store.

Google+ iPhone app gets Updated with lot of Improvements

What’s new? Like its Android cousin, the iOS version of the Google+ mobile app now supports Hangouts, letting groups communicate with each other using front-facing cameras on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch. In addition to Hangouts, the app offers better control of its various notifications, and a renamed Messenger (formerly Huddle) that now lets users attach photos to chat threads. Other niceties include the ability to +1 in comments, improved +mention support, a map view in Profile for places you’ve lived, and various reliability improvements.

SOURCE: MacStories

Google to Launch ‘Propeller’ News App for iOS and Android

Google is creating a social news sharing app for iPad and Android that will compete directly with Flipboard, named 2010 iPad App of the Year by Apple.

The first word of Google’s rumored app that turns social media and news content into magazine-like articles was from Robert Scoble, commenting late Wednesday night on Google+ about what he’s heard from “someone working with Google” about the news-sharing reader: “Google is working on a Flipboard competitor for both Android and iPad. My source says that the versions he’s seen so far are mind-blowing good.”

Google to Launch ‘Propeller’ News App for iOS and AndroidAll Things D‘s Kara Swisher adds fuel to that fire, saying that her sources have told her the new iPad and Android app is called Propeller, which she calls a souped-up version of similar reading apps such as Flipboard, AOL’s Editions, Yahoo’s Livestand, Zite and Pulse. Given Google’s search prowess and ability to categorize and search various content as well as posts within Google+, Propeller could be the news-reading app of the year.