“Server Hangup” Problem from Yahoo

Recently I have faced a little problem while using Yahoo News Services. “Server Hangup” It was two times on my computer screen in a mean time of surfing yahoo news pages.

Server Hangup Yahoo

It surely means that yahoo server ned to be upgraded now and also shows sign of increase in users of yahoo or it may tends to high server load by visitors all around the world.

Yahoo is highly concentrating on its news services as it updates often in a day. Whenever you visit yahoo, will experience new news from your local map space.

Yahoo has to take “Server Hangup” problem seriously to never lose interest of users like me on its beneficial free services.

The problem occurs very rarely but it will give big hit to your mind whenever you show it on your monitor screen.

Source: TechBusy

Yahoo BOSS is not going to die a premature death

Yahoo BOSS is not going to die a premature death as was being speculated by the developers’ network. It, at least for the time being, is going to continue. After staying in the basement for several months, Yahoo BOSS is finally opening up to the third party developers, who were almost starting to give up hope on this strong search platform. Though it is still unknown that how much affected or influenced it will after Bing’s invasion, it can be assumed that Yahoo definitely has some plans for this wonderful platform. So either it can get amalgamated with Microsoft’s development foray or can stand strong in spite of MSN’s intrusion, weathering the storm. This was made clear by Yahoo, when their spokesperson Ashim Chhabra left a post on the BOSS group forum explaining the reason behind their meteor like disappearance. Here is the forum post by Ashim Chhabra that was posted in Technocrunch.

Thank you for your feedback. We understand your frustration. This process has been long for all of us due to the complex nature of our agreement with Microsoft, and we appreciate your patience.
Under this agreement, Yahoo! is permitted to continue offering the BOSS web service, with search results that would integrate Yahoo! services and content with algorithmic results provided by Microsoft. As always, our intention is to provide a BOSS offering as long as it makes business and economic sense to do so. We are still examining what the BOSS offering will consist of, with some services powered by Microsoft, unique content that Yahoo! currently provides, and the potential for additional Yahoo! content in the future.
Prior to the announcement of the Yahoo!-Microsoft search agreement, we’d already shared our intention to explore a fee-based structure for BOSS. We continue to explore an appropriate fee structure or other revenue model as we work through the future of BOSS.
As you know, we must receive regulatory clearance before actual implementation of the search deal with Microsoft can occur. Only then can we finalize the future shape of BOSS. Of course, we will provide additional clarity and certainty when we can.

Thanks for your attention!

Yahoo! BOSS team