Tweetalicious – A Twitter Client for Budget Shoppers

Tweetalicious - A Twitter Client for Budget Shoppers

Tweetalicious - A Twitter Client for Budget Shoppers

Although many retailers, brands and consumers share information about discounts and other offers on Twitter, it’s not easy for shoppers to browse these deals in aggregate. Tweetalicious, a six-person startup out of Pennsylvania, is aiming to address that very problem. The team has released a Twitter client for the web and iPhone devices that surfaces deals shared on Twitter based on a users’ preferences by category, such as apparel or home, and designer.

Users can give offers a thumbs up to help Tweetalicious better understand what they like, as well as save deals to a wishlist for later perusal. Deals are refreshed every few days to make sure they are up to date and relevant. The client isn’t robust enough for a heavy Twitter user, but it will serve the needs of casual users primarily interested in shopping, particularly as its algorithms are further refined. The company currently scrapes deals from Twitter and a handful of online retail partners, but is working with mall operators to facilitate offline shopping at the local level as well.

Tweetalicious, which has not yet raised any funding to date, is currently focused on improving its existing product and growing its userbase. Soon, the startup hopes to incorporate deals pulled in from other social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn, and to add verticals for users with interests outside of shopping. An Android app is in the pipeline but no launch date has yet been set.

Twitter account gets suspended Because of 5 Reasons

Twitter account gets suspended Because of 5 Reasons Twitter is among the many web sites which doesn’t tolerate spam! When Twitter finds some suspicious activity on your account, it red-flags you and keeps a close watch on you. If suspicious activity continues, your Twitter account is suspended temporarily or permanently. But there have been cases, where people think that their account is suspended for no reason. This might be because of human errors by people managing the Twitter suspensions. There have been many cases where such accounts are activated within a short time.

Keeping it all aside, we must know our limits on Twitter. We must try to follow the rules so that the chances of our own account getting suspended are minimized. Now, what are the things considered as suspicious activities?

Below are five such behaviors which will lead Twitter to think that you are a spammer and eventually ban you :

Mass follow or unfollow :

Twitter account gets suspended Because of 5 Reasons If you follow/unfollow large number of people in a short time span. This happens when you use third-party Twitter applications to gain followers. It is also caused when you try to be a celebrity even when you are not, by unfollowing your followers and increasing your followers to following ratio within a short time-span.

TIP: Do not follow or unfollow more than 100 people in a single day.

Commercial or promotional use of Twitter :

Excessive promotion of different money-making schemes or affiliate products with your tweets. Posting advertisements frequently in the tweets for making money. Trying to promote yourself by following high-profile accounts without creating healthy relationships with them.

Following inappropriate people :

There are millions of spammers out there on Twitter and they try their best to get followers. Twitter red-flags such spammy accounts, and you might suffer if you follow many of such spammy accounts. You might be regarded as one among them and eventually banned. There have been cases where Twitter has banned genuine accounts because there were a lot of spammers following them. This is an error on Twitter’s part, but keep in mind that this can also happen. So, don’t forget to block such accounts.

Spammers create multiple Twitter accounts and follow each other to increase their follower base to impress genuine users. If a large number of users have blocked you compared to the people following you then you will be regarded as a spammer.

Posting inappropriate content :

This is a tricky one! Inappropriate content applies to Racist/Violent content along with sexually explicit content. Tweeting about harsh issues or offending someone is not allowed. Writing updates to show-up in search results and publishing other user’s content without attribution is spam.

A large number of unnecessary @replies just to show acquaintance with some account is regarded as spam. Excessive linking to irrelevant topics compared to your tweets (using # tags) and tweeting the same post again-and-again is spammy behaviour. Disguising the same link in different tweets (i.e. writing about one thing but linking to another) may also be considered spam.

Phishing and privacy breaching :

Trying to impersonated the person you are NOT by misleading, confusing, or deceiving others or posting other people’s private and confidential information is regarded as privacy breaching.

Trying to ‘sell’ followers, particularly through tactics considered aggressive is also considered as a forced effect. Linking to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt another user’s browser or computer is considered as a malicious behaviour while registering popular user names just for the sake of blocking others from using it is also regarded as fraud.

These five reasons are among the leading causes of Twitter accounts getting suspended. Take care that your account doesn’t get banned because of these reasons. You can also enlighten us with some other reasons which lead to Twitter accounts being suspended in the message board below.

Twitter Launches Advertising Blog

Twitter has launched an advertising blog and a Twitter feed devoted to the category. The blog notes that marketers have, on average, a 3% to 5% engagement rate for Twitter’s Promoted Tweets in search, which trumps response rates for most forms of digital advertising (except search advertising). The blog and the new Twitter feed, @TwitterAds, are designed to inform the ad community about the company’s related activities.

Twitter Launches Advertising Blog

Twitter, which has been around for six years, just launched advertising products like Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts, last year. Since then, the company has moved a bit slower than some analysts thought on the advertising front, but now appears to be kicking things into high gear with a new London ad sales office, its first foreign post, and the inclusion of advertising messages in users’ feeds.

Twitter Launch New Web Analytics Tool

Twitter Web Analytics Tool

Twitter Web Analytics, a new tool announced recently, should help provide some clarity to website owners who rely on the information network for content distribution. The tool is intended to give website owners more data on the effectiveness of their Twitter integrations. It’s powered by BackType, the social analytics company that Twitter acquired in July.

Twitter Web Analytics, explains BackType founder and new Twitter platform staffer Christopher Golda, will help publishers and website owners understand three key things: How much of their content is being shared on Twitter, how much traffic Twitter is sending their way and how well Tweet Buttons are performing.

The tool is free and currently in beta. A small group of partners will gain access to Twitter Web Analytics this week, and Twitter will roll it out to all website owners in a few weeks. An API will also be released for developers.

10 Best Ways to Build a Powerful Twitter Network

Having a million followers means nothing if none of them pay attention to you. The more responsive you can make your Twitter list the more valuable it will be for you to spread your tweets. With a responsive Twitter list you can get many more retweets, and you will develop an audience that is more likely to engage and interact with your content. A more responsive audience means that your content will get more shares, and more comments, and achieving your online goals will become easier overall.

10 Best Ways to Build a Powerful Twitter Network

If you want a more responsive Twitter list the following 10 tips will help you achieve that goal:

Show Others What You Want to Talk About :

First, remember to show others what you are most interested in. You communicate your areas of interest in several ways:

  • Paint a picture of who you are with your Twitter bio.
  • Shows others what you like to talk about with the content you tweet.
  • Share the conversations you are interested in by using hashtags in your tweets.
  • Tell others who’s important to you with the names of your Twitter lists.
  • The lists you are on show how others see you.

By paying attention to the consistency of your Twitter presence, you’ll send a strong message of what interests you and you’ll attract the people you want to connect with most.

List People :

A “follow” does not have the significance it once used to have. For people who have thousands of followers a single new follower may or may not be important, especially since there are many marketers who use Twitter Marketing Software to auto-follow people.

Twitter lists, on the other hand, are usually hand picked by people. People are more likely to pay attention if you list them. If you want to make sure you get the attention of the person you are listing tell them you added them to one of your lists! The more you list, the more the law or reciprocity will kick in and cause others to list you back. List and be listed.

Get Your Actions Right :

Your first impression always counts, even on Twitter. Others will notice content on your Twitter profile page: your Twitter handle, your photo, your name, the page you link to and your bio. And they will also notice the actions you take.

  • Follow. Do you have approximately the same number of followers as the number of people following you?
  • Autofollow. Do you automatically follow everyone?
  • Welcome messages. Do you send a welcome message? Is it a personalized message or one that looks like an automated message? Does it promote something or does it show you want to connect and care?

There are no absolute guidelineson what you should do. You simply need to act in an appropriate way for the people you want to connect with. Twitter monitoring will help you find out how to make the right first impression. Regular monitoring will also keep you up to date on any changing trends in Twitter etiquette so you can adjust your tactics when needed.

Tell your Facebook Friends about Twitter :

On Facebook you can let your friends know that you are on Twitter in a variety of ways. The more ways you tell your Facebook friends you are on Twitter, the better your odds are of getting them to follow you. You can post a status update saying: Are you on Twitter? If so post your user name below and let’s connect there as well! When I posted status update like this it got huge response from my friends and helped me build deeper connections with my network.

Another way you can tell people you are on Twitter, without directly saying so, is to import your tweets using a Twitter application, like Selective Tweets. Selective Tweets automatically imports tweets with the hashtag #fb.

Another thing I do on Facebook is include a link to my Twitter account in the “Websites” section of my info tab.

Retweet Others :

Do you feel uncomfortable about reaching out to others on Twitter? Retweeting is a great way to start networking but you usually need to do a bit more to get a response and start a dialogue. For example, add some personal comments to the retweet. Notice how others engage with people and copy the ones you like.

Follow Highly Targeted people :

By following highly targeted people on Twitter you greatly increase the chance that they will follow you back. One strategy I use to build highly relevant connections is to use TweetAdder to follow everyone on a Twitter list.

Unfollow Unnecessary People :

The more inactive and irrelevant people you can unfollow, the better. Why follow people who have not tweeted in a month, or who use the default Twitter avatar? The free tool ManageTwitter makes it easy to unfollow people who do not follow you and have not tweeted in 30 days or more, or taken the time to change their default profile picture. Here is a video showing how you can use Manage Twitter to clean your Twitter following list.

Link to ‘Other’ Social Conversations :

As you monitor Twitter and other social media platforms, you’ll notice more conversations. Show others you are paying attention to their conversations. When you notice someone’s birthday on Facebook, send a “Happy Birthday” with their @name on Twitter to show you are paying attention to them. When you come across a great LinkedIn question, link to it and give the @name of the author on Twitter. When you read a great blog post, share the link and take the time to find and mention the author’s @name in your tweet. The more you show others you are listening to them, the more they’ll pay attention to you.

Be a Trust Agent :

I’m not saying don’t have a business, I’m just saying it’s going to work out best for you if you do not sell directly with your tweets. Try to build trust with the people you interact with, and if you do this they will consider your products and services on their own. Seek to add value first.

Introduce People :

As you meet more people on Twitter, you’ll see people with similar interests. Take the initiative and introduce people! This is a great way of strengthening your own network because others will notice your introductions and make associations.

As you begin to develop your network on Twitter, you’ll want to regularly spend time making connections beyond Twitter. A phone call or a chat on Skype is always a good step. Twitter will simply become one of the communication tools you use in your overall business networking plan.

How to Get More Twitter Followers

Getting twitter follower is most important task , Since I blog about nutrisystem and medifast I have been looking for ways to stand out in my field when compared to other bloggers and I have noticed that one of the best ways to do so is by capitalizing on social media. Twitter is one of the largest social media sites in the entire world and making effective use of it is never a bad decision.How to Get More Twitter Followers

The one thing about Twitter though is that to succeed on twitter you need a lot of followers, and not just a lot of followers, but a lot of high quality followers in your field who are ready to listen to what you have to say. I have done a lot of research and below are some of the tips that worked for me, you can use them to significantly improve your Twitter following.

Tell People to Follow You, Clearly

The first step you have to take towards getting a lot of people to follow you on Twitter is by telling them to do so. I know it sounds obvious, but believe me, it’s so simple but highly effective.

Be it in your email signature, in your forum profiles, on your about page, below your blog posts, on your blog sidebar and everywhere else. Always make it a duty to advertise your Twitter profile and tell others to follow you.

The best way to get people to follow you on Twitter is not by wishing it to happen or by reading a lot of tips; it is by taking action by letting people know that you are available on twitter and that following you will be a great decision on their path.

Run Twitter Contests and Giveaways

People love contests no matter where and how it is run and a lot of people will do anything to join and win that latest contest.

One of the best ways to get a lot of people to follow you on twitter is by running constant contests and giveaways in which you give people great and exclusive prizes to join you and win friends for you. You can even tell people to refer others to your site and then tell them that the person who refers the most friends in a particular month will be given the most prizes.

You need to remember though that running any winning contest isn’t about the contest itself, it is about the prize you plan to give your readers.

Brand Your Twitter Profile

The final tip in this article to help you get more Twitter followers is to brand your profile. There are many ways to do this effectively and I’ll be sharing what worked on my nutrisystem and medifast blog with you below.

The first step I took towards branding my Twitter profile is having a clear custom profile, I also focused on capitalizing on SEO and Twitter search traffic for my keywords and as a result I have been getting a lot more followers daily.

Another thing that might help you is having custom images designed for your blog with the aim of creating a brand image in anybody who comes across your profile – this way you will be able to get a lot of people to stick with you on the long run.

Show Me More two New Features on Twitter

Today, we’re rolling out two new features on that help you discover more on Twitter. You can now see when someone favorites or retweets one of your Tweets. You can also learn which Tweets are most interesting and inspiring to the people you follow.

The first new feature offers a simple way to see what’s happening on Twitter in relation to you. Just click on the new tab with your @username, and you’ll be able to see which of your Tweets are Favorites, plus the latest Retweets (of your Tweets), Tweets directed to you, and your new Followers.

The other new feature is the Activity tab. It provides a rich new source of discovery by highlighting the latest Favorites, Retweets, and Follows from the people you follow on Twitter – all in one place. It’s easier than ever to explore Twitter, connect with people, and discover what’s happening around the world.


Google Plus Extension for Chrome Adds Sharing with Twitter and Facebook

Chrome: The Extended Share for Google Plus extension for Chrome adds a “Send to” link to each post or update at Google+ that you can click to republish the post at Twitter or Facebook. If you have an invite to Google+ but miss the ability to share updates with friends elsewhere, this extension makes it easier.

Extended Share for Google Plus Extension for Chrome Adds Sharing with Twitter and Facebook Extended Share for Google Plus | Official Google Plus

Twitter Introduced Its Photo Sharing Feature

Twitter Introduced Its Photo Sharing Feature : There was no news about Twitter on social-catalog for long time . Now Social media Twitter has launched its photo sharing service across the globe and you can start using it, the next time you login to your Twitter account.

Twitter Introduced Its Photo Sharing Feature

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat that this feature is live now and can be used by the people across the globe. This feature is powered by Photobucket, which will enable users to attach images to tweets from the online app. For adding an image to your tweet, you need to simply click inside the tweet-composing text field. Then, you will perceive a small camera icon underneath the field next to a small location icon. Now, click the camera icon to upload your image in your tweet, then compose and send your tweet.

Twitter Introduced Its Photo Sharing Feature

mages will emerge as shortened links that will begin with “” When the tweets are clicked, the images will come out as thumbnails in the right sidebar; by clicking the links themselves, a new Twitter-branded tab with the image along with the tweet for context will get displayed.

Once your image is uploaded, your followers can preview it from their timeline. You can upload images of any resolution and Twitter will automatically scale the image in order to make it fit on the display pane of new Twitter interface but there is one constraint that you cannot upload images that are either 3MB or bigger in file size.

What do you think about twitters this service ?

Twitter finds a missing child in 3 hours (via @BradMcCarty)

Twitter finds a missing child in 3 hours (via @BradMcCarty)

Power to the people! A great story came out of Saudi Arabia recently. Read the full article from TheNextWeb below.

Twitter finds a missing child in 3 hours
By @BradMcCarty

We Internet folks are a funny bunch. While there’s a lot of venom that gets spewed across the Web, there’s an amazing amount of good that comes from it, too. Chalk this story up to the latter, and expect to see it in a promotional piece for Twitter at some point in the future.

Roughly 24 hours ago, 16 year old Faisal Fri went missing from his family’s home in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The news reached Twitter and the #FaisalDH hashtag was born. An image of Faisal, with contact information for his family was tweeted with the tag and only 3 hours later, he was found.

What’s also highly impressive about the effort is that the initial tweet from Twitter user Mohammed Al Modhayan appears to have made it to a Top Tweet position, no doubt due to the engagement that it spawned via retweets and mentions.

So our kudos go out to those of you who were involved. Our congratulations go out to Faisal and his family. It’s heart-warming to see the good of people come out, especially so for us when social media is involved.