SOLVED – How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

In my previous post , i have posted Facebook Timeline Cannot Be Deactivate But Now I Posted a new post to delete your facebook timeline parmanently. This was an 100% working trick which will help you to activate developer version of facebook timeline Instantl. Not many  were fortunate of getting this new feature so this trick was a blessing for those .

So now you have reached here searching for how to remove this timeline feature . I’m not surprised because many of my friends asked me the same . I helped them in removing their account by the most simple method and I’ll help you in doing the same . Please not that the facebook will soon this change to all the profiles and it will be a permanent change .

To remove Facebook Timeline Developer Version:

SOLVED - How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

  • Now a new window with open graph features will appear . Look for the bottom of the left sidebar , You will find a option like Delete App click on that and your app will be deleted.

SOLVED - How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

Please note that the removing of the developer version will not affect your profile when the facebook launches the feature for all profiles .

And After That You Deactivate Your Acc.. And Reactivate It after 20-30 min. .!! =)

Facebook Timeline for iPad Coming in January 2012

Facebook Timeline for iPad Coming in January 2012

Facebook launched its iPad app in October and it’s ready to go through an overhaul. Timeline, which released for most Facebook users on the 16th of December, will go to the iPad in January of 2012 reports Mashable. For now, Timeline is already available to Android users, Facebook’s mobile site as well as some iPhone users. Due to certain bugs and technical snags, the iPad version has been delayed till the middle or the end of January. Facebook wanted to use the full ability of the iPad’s graphics and touchscreen ability. Facebook says that the iPad requires more sophisticated coding than their regular smartphone apps.

iPad users can also access Timeline by going through Facebook’s mobile site using the browser, but using Facebook through the mobile browser does not always work that well. With Timeline, iPad users will be able to access all their Facebook activities, since they joined, and add life events from when they were born till the current day, even if Facebook wasn’t around. They will be able to add or change a cover photo for their Timeline.

SOURCE: Mashable

Beaware Facebook Timline Cannot be Deactivated

Beaware Facebook Timline Cannot be Deactivated

Facebook’s Timeline feature went live worldwide, in both your regular browser and in the Android and mobile web versions, but beware, once you activate the stream of memories, there’s no going back. The new version turns your Facebook profile into a history lesson spanning all the years you’ve been active on the site, and while the social network has been at pains to point out the range of privacy settings, one big option is conspicuously absent: the ability to turn it all off.

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Developers and early adopters who have tried Timeline using the pre-launch test workaround were able to deactivate the page and return to the regular profile layout, but that option has disappeared since the official launch. Those turning on Timeline now have seven days to preview and tweak what details, photos, likes, interests and videos are included on the page, before it automatically goes live.

As for Facebook’s help pages, there’s no reference given to turning off Timeline. In fact, the only conversion reference is if you accidentally switch your Timeline to a business page, something which requires contacting Facebook support to rectify. As the social network points out, only individuals are currently allowed to run Timelines, not brands. Facebook has confirmed to us that there is no way to return to the old-style profile once you have switched to Timeline. Those who choose not to opt-in to Timeline will be automatically updated.

The new system has already come under fire from EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center), which has blasted Facebook for introducing Timeline just weeks after settling a privacy lawsuit which accused it of “unfair and deceptive” business practices.

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Facebook Uses MySQL for Timeline

Facebook Uses MySQL for Timeline

A little-known fact about Facebook Timeline: It relies on MySQL, a database-management system that was originally designed to be used in small-scale applications on just one or a few machines — a far cry from the 800+ million users of the world’s largest social network. What gives?

In this report from Wired, Serkan Piantino, who will be in charge of Facebook’s New York engineering office, reveals that Facebook turned to MySQL to help address the memory needs of Timeline, since it works in a fundamentally different way from the news feed.

Since Timeline is more concerned about organizing data neatly than shooting out updates in real time, MySQL is well suited for the app. Although the data is aggregated in the same location as the data is kept (i.e. not over a network connection), that data is managed by MySQL, and not an alternative like NoSQL or Hadoop Hbase.

“A lot of people are surprised that for this shiny new thing for Facebook, we’re using MySQL,” Piantino told Wired. “We treat [MySQL] as a generic engine for data manipulation. We use it as a storage engine. And it’s really efficient.”

Although Piantino frames it as a choice, it could have been made out of necessity. Facebook is thought to rely heavily on MySQL, which is ideal for a small system since it’s open source and free. Perfect for an ambitious Harvard student starting a social network in his dorm room.

However, MySQL isn’t something a massive digital company would pick as its go-to database platform. Derrick Harris expertly lays out the larger issues of Facebook relying on MySQL in this article at GigaOm, where database guru Micheal Stonebreaker calls it a “fate worse than death.” However, after speaking with Facebook’s MySQL team, Harris subsequently said he “might have been wrong”.

Facebook is constantly working on improving its MySQL implementation, however, and even has a page dedicated to the issue. It’s quite active, and has over 74,000 members.

What do you think of Facebook’s use of MySQL, and with Timeline specifically? Is it a time bomb waiting to happen, or a savvy use of existing technology? Let us know in the comments.

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Best Christmas Facebook Timeline Covers | Christmas Timeline Covers

Facebook Has Recently Changed its old profile and now we have got a new profile called as Facebook Timeline. This is a  very unique way of representing your data online. As Christmas is approaching and everyone wants to make Facebook Profile(Timeline) cool colorful. So for doing this you can add your Christmas Timeline covers  to your profiles which would give your Timeline a new Look. Try all these covers and see which is the best for you.But if you still not have started with Facebook Timeline you can do that but once you have started you cannot retrieve back from Facebook Timeline to your old profile.

Here are some steps you should consider which would help you add Timeline Covers:-

Step 1. Click on the image then right click on it and “Save Image as” to your computer

Step 2. Go to your Facebook Profile and click the Add/Change Cover and select “Upload Photos”.

Step 3. Select the Photo We Just Uploaded to Your Facebook Account.

Step 4. Click the “Save Change” button.

Click On Images to Large View


How To Delete or Disable Facebook Timeline

Delete Disable Remove Facebook Timeline

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Since the public release of Facebook Timeline, the most common question related to the new interface is how to delete, remove or disable it.

Although I understand why many people are asking this question, I regret to inform all of you that no matter how hard you search for a solution, there is no way to get rid of Facebook Timeline.

It is a global change that is being rolled out to every single Facebook account and Facebook user.

I do have some suggestions and tips for those of you who are upset about this drastic change to the Facebook user interface.

1. Prepare and Protect Your Facebook Timeline Profile

When Facebook Timeline was first released for developers, I wrote a tutorial on how to prepare your Timeline profile. I highly recommend you take a look at this article. One of the main aspects of Facebook Timeline that users are upset about is that, when the feature is first enabled, your privacy is compromised.

This tutorial will help you protect your privacy while using Facebook Timeline and it will help you prepare your configure your profile so that only information you want to be available, is actually available.

Change Visibility Old Posts Facebook

2. Try Out Google+

I have been using Google+ since it was released for beta testing and, although I actually do like the Facebook Timeline update, Google+ is a great option for those who no longer want to be a part of the Facebook community. The interface is much simpler in comparison to the Facebook Timeline interface and Google+ integrates will all of the other Google Apps services.

I’ve written lots of Google+ tutorials so if you’re really that upset about the direction Facebook is headed, create a Google+ account, add me to one of your Google+ circles and never look back!

Google Plus Featured

3.  Delete Your Facebook Account

If you’re really that upset about Facebook Timeline then you can always “stick it to the man” and delete your Facebook account altogether.

I personally have not gotten to this point yet but I know many people are considering it. Before you decide to delete your account it is important to realize that you will not be able to recover your information. If you have pictures, comments or other Facebook activity that you would like to be able to access at a later date then do not delete your account.Delete Facebook Account

4. Be Patient and Keep an Open Mind

There is no doubt that there are some privacy concerns with Facebook Timeline. Once you configure your visibility for past posts and become acquainted with the new interface, Facebook Timeline is really pretty cool. It allows more personalization and being able to look at your life in a timeline format is really quite interesting.

Try to keep an open mind with Facebook Timeline and learn as much as you can about it before quitting Facebook altogether. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the new interface you may be surprised how much you end up enjoying it!

Facebook Timeline Public Release

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Google+ or Facebook : Which is Better for Business?

Google+ or Facebook : Which is Better for Business?

Google+ or Facebook : Which is Better for Business?

Ever since Google came out with Google+ Pages for business, the company has taken heat for not giving enterprises basic tools with this initial offering. And while industry analysts think Google+ could find a lucrative niche in the social networking world among enterprise users, for now there’s a sense that Facebook may be outdoing Google+ when it comes to giving businesses a place to reach customers.

“I think Google has been trying to strike a balance between responding quickly to one big market demand — support for business presence on Google+ — versus bringing a fully-fleshed-out offering to the market,” said Ray Valdes, an analyst with Gartner. “They are choosing not to wait until Google+ is fully decked out with important but secondary features, such as multi-admin support, account transfers, and audio file support.

“In this fast-moving sector, Google does not have the luxury of waiting until a full-featured offering is ready,” added Valdes.

Actually, there’s quite a list of features that Google+ Pages doesn’t have right now, including the ability for businesses to offer deals or coupons, as well as the ability to host contests or sweepstakes. Businesses on Google+ Pages also can’t sell products. Many of these features are available on Facebook and now users want them on Google+.

Soon after Google execs in July asked businesses to hold off creating Google+ pages until the network was ready for them, Facebook released Facebook for Business , which basically is a guide to walk businesses through the process of using Facebook features like deals, social plug-ins and ads.

Facebook made it clear that it was going after enterprises and their online time and took advantage of the delay for Google+ Pages. Now, several months later, analysts say it’s clear Google+ still needs more work.

According to Valdes, Google+ Pages is a good start and the company will fill out its offering in the coming months.

“Although Google is getting some criticism for gaps in the feature set, and things that perhaps should have been better thought out, I think that they likely would have gotten more heat for not responding at all to the need for business pages on Google+,” he said. “Facebook has a more complete offering at the moment, but this is a fast-moving situation. Google and Facebook are not mutually exclusive choices. Many businesses have a blog, and a Twitter feed, and a Facebook page already, and now some portion of those will add a Google+ Page.”

In Google’s favor: many businesses are just now diving into the social networking, which will give the company some time to get its act together, said Hadley Reynolds, an analyst with IDC. “[Businesses] will clearly welcome a Google offering and a Google audience,” he added. “So Google has time to take Pages through the revisions and additions process required to make the program truly usable and valuable.”

Reynolds noted that Facebook, the largest social network in the world with a reported 800 million users, is firing on all cylinders with its Like button and interactivity and engagement features — and is snagging enterprise dollars at Google’s expense.

However, Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group, said there’s still room for Google to become a top social networking tool for businesses. But first, it needs to address problems users have noted this week.

“There are some real limitations to Google+ business pages that make it more difficult for companies to use it the way they want – and these might significantly slow adoption,” he said. “For example, only one person can manage the account, so either an individual will be responsible for all of the company’s Google+ content or the company will need to share that sign-on with multiple people. That’s not enough control.”

At this point, according to Olds, Facebook has the advantage when it comes to which social network is better for businesses. But he expects Google to push hard to change that.

“I’d say neither company has really broken the code on giving businesses what they really want and need from social networking,” said Olds. “That said, this is an evolution and will take time to come together. Plus, no tool is everything to everyone.”

Valdes expects to see Google+ more closely integrated with other Google services, such as search. Google has said in recent weeks that that’s exactly what it has in mind.

In September, Google CEO Larry Page said he wants to “transform” the company by integrating its various services with Google+.

Google took a step in that direction last month when it announced that it had integrated Google+ with Google Apps, a cloud-based suite of office apps. Now, Google needs to follow through on adding new business-oriented features to Google+ Pages because the negative attention isn’t helping the fledgling network, said Olds.

“It’s hurting mainly because it’s not helping,” he said. “The buzz they need from their business pages is, ‘This is great. Can’t wait to use it!’ rather than, ‘Why the hell can’t we have multiple managers for this account?’”

How to Protect Your Account from Facebook Porn Spam Attack

How to Protect Your Account from Facebook Porn Spam Attack

Many Facebook users have been inundated with pornographic spam in their newsfeeds as part of a malware campaign targeting the social network. The company told the BBC it has identified the culprit and vulnerability that was exploited, but is asking users to stay vigilant.

Facebook says it has quarantined the malicious accounts and pages behind the attack, but it also offered some simple tips to help users safeguard themselves in the future. Facebook says:

  • Don’t ever copy and paste code into your browser’s address bar unless you’re confident the source is legit.
  • Make sure your browser is up to date.
  • Report anything weird that you see on Facebook using the “report” links throughout the social network.

If you suspect that malware has already gotten a hold of your Facebook account, or if you’re seeing unwanted spam, there are three simple steps to attempt to make your account secure again:

  • Change your password. This can be done by visiting your account settings. Be sure to use a strong password with a mix of numbers, symbols, capital and lowercase letters and no dictionary words if possible.
  • While you’re in your settings, remove any unwanted Facebook apps. This could be the culprit, or the malware could have installed an app without your knowledge.
  • Run a virus and malware scan on your entire system.

There are also plenty of third-party products designed specifically to ensure secure time-wasting on Facebook and other social networks. One such offering is BitDefender’s SafeGo. The SafeGo Facebook App protects against malware, spam and scams. Other products like Defensio provide similar services, with more robust, paid versions available for businesses.

Finally, as always, a little bit of common sense can go a long way online. If something that pops up on your Wall, News Feed or in a message seems suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is. Hit “report” to be safe, or just ignore it and get back to perusing photos of your friends’ cats.