Google Video About HTML Meta Tag Verification

If you are using Google Webmaster Tool for your website or blog then you know very well about HTML Meta Tag Verification feature. In this tutorial latest Webmaster Help video from Google come from Maile Ohye. It’s all about HTML meta tag verification in Google Webmaster Tools. This video is very useful for fresher bloggers and webmasters.

Bloggers are fan of Matt Cutt’s videos from YouTube’s Google Webmaster Help channel. This video is nice to see some of the rest of the team take on subjects from time to time.

Maile Ohye is member of Google’s Webmaster support team. She will help you with the HTML Meta Tag and Verification in Google webmaster tool.

“Verifying ownership of your website or blog in Webmaster Tools provides you and Google a secure channel for giving and receiving information,” she says. “Including a specific HTML tag is only one of several ways you can verify ownership of your site. It’s a great option if you’re familiar with HTML code like head, title and body tags, and you know where and how to edit this content or if you’re using a content management system or CMS like Google Sites, be sure to follow any specific instructions from your provider.”

She advised that, “If HTML tags look and sound like gibberish, then perhaps give another one of the verification methods a try”.

Google Fiber Bar Introducing Video

A Different Kind of Fiber

Google Fiber starts with 100 times more fiber than any source of fiber available today. Tested in labs across our Mountain View campus, we found that in just the right synthesis, psyllium and vitamins C and D morph into a byproduct we have coded as Fiberlicious. This smarter fiber delivers just what the body needs to sustain activity, energy and productivity up to 100 times more than you have experienced before.

Whats New in Google Fiber?

* Fast Nutrients travel instantaneously to any organ with nutritional deficiencies restoring healthy function.
* Customized The Fiberlicious compound is able to take cues from your intestinal tract and customize the nutrients it delivers based on your body’s specific needs.
* Simple Google Fiber comes in a slim, light-weight, durable bar so that you can always get your Google Fiber when you want it.

Google Play Option is Added In Google’s Navigation Bar

Google Recently Added a New Digital Service in Google Navigation Bar That is Google Play. Google Introduce this Service in March 2012 When Google Rebrand its Android App Download Store. Google Play Includes an Online Store for Music , Movies, Books, Android Application and Music, As Well As a Cloud Media Player. Google Play is Online Service Which you can access from the Web, Mobile App On Andrioid and Google TV. Today When I Open Google Search in My Laptop then i Focused on Play Link. So I am Sharing This Article With You.

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Best Tips to Save Your Website / Blog From Google Adsense Ban

Best Tips to Save Your Website / Blog From Google Adsense BanGoogle Adsense is the way of earning from home for many people since 2003. So while applying adsense to your website various things that must be taken care of are as follows otherwise you are left with the banning of your web-blog or website.When you applied adsense to your site you must follow various terms and conditions of Google adsense.

You searched a lot for Adsense tips. But here is the end of your search. Because I have more powerful tips for Adsense. This tutorial will tell you how to save your website/blog from Adsense ban.

The various things to note are as follows:

  1. Never click on your own adsense.
  2. Always apply the copyright laws to your site.
  3. Don;t get multiple Google adsense accounts.
  4. Your website does not show the pornographic material.
  5. Avoid duplicate contents for your website. Try to avoid pasting contents from other blogs . Contents must be unique.
  6. Make sure no other site is using your contents. For this search some content of your site within the quotation (” “) marks. Google will get you all the results matching those contents exactly.
  7. Try to avoid doorway pages for your web-site.Doorway pages are the individual pages that does not follow any site navigation. They are build to draw search engine visitors to your website.

A Video on Best Use of Google Search Engine

Google is becoming the essential part of our life these days.  This is  most commonly used search engine in the Web. For searching something people mostly relies on the Google. Although Google  is mostly used by the people but they are not using its full power. You can perform various other operations too along with search for a particular topic.Following are the various tips and tricks for the Google search.

1  Make your mind that what do you want to search . Use the proper keyword so that you find the relevant material regarding your topic.

2  Put your search topic in the quotation marks (” “).By doing this the search engine scans its data base efficiently and gets back to you with exact keyword.

3  Use the Boolean operators like AND/OR/NOT. And operator allows the engine to retrieve those pages containing all keywords.Or allows to retrieve all and any keyword and Not allows not to retrieve particular keyword.

4 Google searches are not case sensitive so you can use both the uppercase and lowercase letters , result will be same.

5  You can use Google as a calculator also for performing various mathematical operations that saves a lot of time on your part.

Here is A Tricky Video

SOLVED – How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

In my previous post , i have posted Facebook Timeline Cannot Be Deactivate But Now I Posted a new post to delete your facebook timeline parmanently. This was an 100% working trick which will help you to activate developer version of facebook timeline Instantl. Not many  were fortunate of getting this new feature so this trick was a blessing for those .

So now you have reached here searching for how to remove this timeline feature . I’m not surprised because many of my friends asked me the same . I helped them in removing their account by the most simple method and I’ll help you in doing the same . Please not that the facebook will soon this change to all the profiles and it will be a permanent change .

To remove Facebook Timeline Developer Version:

SOLVED - How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

  • Now a new window with open graph features will appear . Look for the bottom of the left sidebar , You will find a option like Delete App click on that and your app will be deleted.

SOLVED - How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

Please note that the removing of the developer version will not affect your profile when the facebook launches the feature for all profiles .

And After That You Deactivate Your Acc.. And Reactivate It after 20-30 min. .!! =)

Facebook Timeline for iPad Coming in January 2012

Facebook Timeline for iPad Coming in January 2012

Facebook launched its iPad app in October and it’s ready to go through an overhaul. Timeline, which released for most Facebook users on the 16th of December, will go to the iPad in January of 2012 reports Mashable. For now, Timeline is already available to Android users, Facebook’s mobile site as well as some iPhone users. Due to certain bugs and technical snags, the iPad version has been delayed till the middle or the end of January. Facebook wanted to use the full ability of the iPad’s graphics and touchscreen ability. Facebook says that the iPad requires more sophisticated coding than their regular smartphone apps.

iPad users can also access Timeline by going through Facebook’s mobile site using the browser, but using Facebook through the mobile browser does not always work that well. With Timeline, iPad users will be able to access all their Facebook activities, since they joined, and add life events from when they were born till the current day, even if Facebook wasn’t around. They will be able to add or change a cover photo for their Timeline.

SOURCE: Mashable

Beaware Facebook Timline Cannot be Deactivated

Beaware Facebook Timline Cannot be Deactivated

Facebook’s Timeline feature went live worldwide, in both your regular browser and in the Android and mobile web versions, but beware, once you activate the stream of memories, there’s no going back. The new version turns your Facebook profile into a history lesson spanning all the years you’ve been active on the site, and while the social network has been at pains to point out the range of privacy settings, one big option is conspicuously absent: the ability to turn it all off.

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Developers and early adopters who have tried Timeline using the pre-launch test workaround were able to deactivate the page and return to the regular profile layout, but that option has disappeared since the official launch. Those turning on Timeline now have seven days to preview and tweak what details, photos, likes, interests and videos are included on the page, before it automatically goes live.

As for Facebook’s help pages, there’s no reference given to turning off Timeline. In fact, the only conversion reference is if you accidentally switch your Timeline to a business page, something which requires contacting Facebook support to rectify. As the social network points out, only individuals are currently allowed to run Timelines, not brands. Facebook has confirmed to us that there is no way to return to the old-style profile once you have switched to Timeline. Those who choose not to opt-in to Timeline will be automatically updated.

The new system has already come under fire from EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center), which has blasted Facebook for introducing Timeline just weeks after settling a privacy lawsuit which accused it of “unfair and deceptive” business practices.

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