Samsung galaxy S 2 Free Download NFS Hot Pursuit

Samsung galaxy S 2 Free Download NFS Hot Pursuit

Just like Samsung did with Asphalt 6 HD couple of months back, they’re now offering another car racing game – Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for free. It goes for $6.99 on the Android Market but Galaxy S II users (and hopefully other Samsung handset owners as well) will be able to download the game for free from the Samsung Apps store.

However, unlike last time, the game is not available in all the regions but users can easily download the game with a workaround.

The easiest way is to head over to the source link and download the APK file or if your phone is rooted, follow these simple instructions:

  • Download Market Enabler from Android Market
  • Change the Market region to UK, Germany or Italy
  • Open Samsung Apps and accept the T&C
  • You should see the game in the store, download it

Do let us know if you were able to download the game from any other region without the hack or on some other Samsung device.

SOURCE: XDA Developers

Angry Birds Heading Into Space

Angry Birds Heading Into Space

Angry Birds Heading Into Space

Angry Birds officially have no where left to grow on earth so they’re heading into space! An Angry Birds plush toy, as well as two Apple iPads, will be sent to the International Space Station with two upcoming Russian space launches. The iPads will be sent with the next unmanned resupply flight later this month. The toy doll of the red bird from the popular game will be sent with three crew members, which are due to fly to the ISS next month. The cosmonauts will use the iPads for entertainment purposes, but the plush toy will actually have a mission – it will signal the escape from the clutches of Earth’s gravity field when it starts to float.

Play Angry Birds Rio Free

Rovio Teases Newest Angry Birds Adventures [video]

Rovio teases newest Angry Birds adventures

Rovio is usually releasing a special edition for holidays like the upcoming Halloween and the video they published on YouTube speaks of “a big surprise”. Of course you’ll notice the costumes and the date is getting closer but, on “a dark and stormy night”, “as the birds continue deeper into the forest” you’ll notice they discover something. The (not so) surprised look on their faces doesn’t give anything away but let us know of your thoughts on what it might be. A new bird maybe?

Rovio is usually releasing a special edition for holidays like the upcoming Halloween and the video they published on YouTube speaks of “a big surprise”.

Download Angry Birds Rio For Java Supported Mobiles

Angry Birds Rio for Java Supported Mobiles

Here one of the most famous game for mobiles Angry Birds for Java supported phones. Its cool mobile game with lots of levels. Angry Birds is game that makes player addicted to play agian and again. According to stats 80% of those Android users who download the game also install the updates.

The game is about to use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses! The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each of the 225 levels requires logic, skill, and force to solve.

The Angry Birds was downloaded more than 30 million times. This downlaod count only for the ad-supported free Android version of the Angry Birds. According to Rovio Mobile Ltd.’s Peter Vesterbacka, who is speaking at GDC as part of a Google-run Android monetization panel.

Also remember that the figure was 5 million in December and its amazingly boost to whoping 30 million downloads very soon. In December Rovio said that ad revenue was about $1 million per month which means that currently Rovio may earning around $6 million monthly. Amazingly the free game make such a great revenue for the publisher of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile Ltd.

The Angry Birds was first released for Apple’s iOS in December 2009 and has sold 12 million copies. Angry Birds has counted more than 50 million downloads on all mobile platforms.

Download Free Angry Birds for Java Supported Phone Here:
AngryBirds.jar (2.43 MB)
AngryBirds.jar (Low Size, 1.18 MB)

Facebook gets Dungeons & Dragons game

Facebook gets Dungeons & Dragons game

Facebook gets Dungeons & Dragons game

Atari has created a new social game for Facebook called Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter.” Players can customize their own characters, find loot and fight ghastly, digital beasts. The app looks much like a top-down strategy game — and somewhat similar to the actual style of the tabletop version. While the game is known for long sessions and user-created narratives, Heroes of Neverwinter offers short bursts of gameplay and a largely standardized plot from the game’s creators. Fans of the slower, more complex original might decry this as breaking from the game’s roots, but it’s probably a smart move to appeal to social gamers who are, for the most part, casual users who play for shorter periods of time. The game will feature more than 50 dungeons, 40 monsters, 30 skills and hundreds of items. Gamers can play solo, recruit friends or even become a sort of digital Dungeon Master and come up with their own mini-narratives as side quests.

Heroes of Neverwinter, which is currently in open-beta, joins a group of other games targeted to nostalgic players. Oregon Trail received a social gaming update for Facebook, and The Sims Social has been one of the top Facebook games since its launch at the end of summer. It’s good to know Heroes of Neverwinter hasn’t foregone the traits that made its tabletop ancestor so popular. But will it be able to attract new users without alienating its base? If a sentence like: “Legions of Halflings, Dragonborn, and Eladrin will sharpen their blades and ready their spells as Facebook players around the world create their unique heroes and set forth for adventure!” appeals, this social game might just have some legs.

5 Best Multiplayer Games for iPhone

When one thinks of multiplayer gaming on the iPhone, turn-based board games like Words With Friends come to mind. They’re extremely convenient, allowing friends near and far to play games together at their own pace and convenience.

However, these games lack action and immediacy. After all, there’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes from beating a friend, and instantly being able to view his reaction. Thankfully, iOS is full of games that can help satisfy that desire through live multiplayer action.

Below are the best five games on iOS which will certainly grab your attention :

1. Street fighter IV volt :

Street Fighter 4 Volt

Street Fighter 4 Volt

This modern entry of Capcom’s famous fighting game series has an elaborate, near-console quality iOS version. The Volt version enables online play, allowing for battle between two players anywhere in the world. Capcom has also shown a commitment to post-release support by adding new content and addressing technical online play issues. Those who fear that a fighting game won’t work on a touch screen as well will be pleasantly surprised to maneuver Street Fighter mobile play.

2. Star legends :

Star Legends

Star Legends

This online role-playing game allows players to tackle quests with others all over the world. A player can auction items and acquire special equipment, just like the traditional MMORPG games, but now it can be played during the morning commute. The game is free, with no subscription costs, and as a bonus, is a universal app on iOS. Player accounts are cross-compatible with Android, making it possible to play as the same character on both devices.

3. Deadlock :



A surprising rarity on iOS, this dual-stick shooter features competitive online play in both deathmatch and objective modes, alongside standard single-player survival modes. Players hunt down opponents using two virtual joysticks, one for movement, and the other for firing in a given direction. Players can earn experience that goes toward better weapons and equipment.

4. Real racing 2 :

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2

Firemint’s racing title is possibly the best-looking game in the App Store. It features online racing for up to 16 players. Participants can take their speedy vehicles earned in single-player mode into multiplayer, and race around each of the game’s tracks. Watch out for a racing field that won’t be afraid to run you off the course — or just win via precision racing.

5. Sonic & Sega all stars racing :

Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing

Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing

Sometimes it’s just more fun to launch a precision missile at other racers. Kart racers (think Mario Kart) features a variety of Sonic and Sega characters that race around crazy Sega-inspired tracks, deploying weapons and special abilities to get to the front of the pack.

Angry Birds Rio FREE Download for your PC

Angry Birds Rio FREE Download for your PC

Do you want to play Angry Birds at work? For a limited time you can pick up a free copy of Angry Birds Rio from Intel’s AppUp! Center. All you have to do is download the Intel App Center sign in and click “Get One Here” in the welcome message box. After that, you’ll have to create an account then double Click the Intel AppUp Logo. Once you’ve got that done you’ll find Angry Birds Rio in the “My Apps” tab for your Free App. If you’re an existing AppUp! store user you’re out of luck but new registrants will be able to take advantage of this deal until September 28, 2011 after that you’ll have to pay $4.99. Hop on to the source link to download.

Play Angry Birds Rio Online Free

SOURCE: Intel AppUp! Center

Gears of War 3 Game is Launched with Tempting Offer

Gears of War 3 is almost upon us. It’s set to launch on 20 September and, presumably, be bunged instantaneously into the disc drive of every serious Xbox 360 owner out there. It wouldn’t be a triple A launch day, however, if there wasn’t some sort of tomfoolery going on and Gears 3 is no exception. Members of the Locust (we hope not real ones) are going to be raiding the Oxford Street GAME store in London at 12.01am on launch day.

Gears of War 3 Game is Launched

Not only will you be able to pick up a copy of the game at midnight release, but you will also treated to Gears of War 3 limited edition posters signed by the developers. Other memorabilia will also be thrown around, including T-shirts and Gears of War 3 vaults. Five lucky fans could find themselves walking away with a Samsung 40-inch D5520 Smart LED TV.

Epic is also planning a Locust based tweet-to-win competition on 19 September. Those who spot any Locust running about, snap one and tweet with the hashtag #Gears3Locust. Head to Marble Arch around 8am on the morning of the 19th and expect to see character Dominic Santiago’s voice actor Carlos Ferro hanging around. Better still, arrive armed with a message posted on the @tweetbox360 feed and you could pick up some Gears of War 3 merchandise or console vaults from Calibur 11. Those at the GAMEfest this weekend in Birmingham should expect to see several Locust hanging about on 17 September too. Exciting stuff in Gears of War town then. Really not long to go now and believe us, the wait is well worth it. Why not read our Gears of War 3 review while you wait?

Will you be in the queue to nab your copy of Gears of War 3 before your mates? Let us know in the comments below…

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Asphalt 6 HD game free for Samsung Galaxy S II users

Asphalt 6 HD game free for Samsung Galaxy S II users

This is a good news for all Galaxy S II users. Samsung is offering a free download of Asphalt’s latest installment Asphalt 6 on their Samsung Apps store. Its a WCG version that not only features the niceties of a career,quick race and multiplayer mode but also a WCG 2011 menu that allows to play in “Samsung WCG 2011” car. The game is compatible with the international (I9100) as well as Korean versions of Galaxy S II. Hop on to the source link to download now. Please let me know your comments after you play the game.

SOURCE: Samsung Apps


Angry Birds Game Updated with 15 New Levels

Do you love to play Angry Birds ? So here is a good news for you !! The game has been updated with the final 15 levels of the Mine and Dine episode . It’s the end of the line for the piggies, with the final update for Mine and Dine! The Angry Birds have followed them deep into their subterranean lair, and now there’s no place left to hide! The update is free to download for those who already own the original Angry Birds title and for those needing some extra help to get through the difficult levels.

Angry Bird

Angry Bird Game

Angry Bird Game

Angry Birds has received a new update adding 15 new levels and concludes the Mine and Dine episode, the survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. ish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition and lots of replay value. Each of the 270 levels requires logic, skill and brute force to crush the enemy. It’s the end of the line for the piggies with the final update for ! The Angry Birds have followed them deep into their subterranean lair, and now there’s no place left to hide! Help the birds finish off those greedy piggies with your best bird-flinging moves in stylish new underground levels! New features in version 1.6.3:

  • 15 pig-smacking new levels!
  • Epic conclusion of Mine and Dine!
  • Mighty Eagle still in business: Buy once, unlimited use!

Download Angry Birds Version 1.6.3: Here