How To Make Money Online?

How To Make Money OnlineThere are a lot of scams out there promising people the opportunity to make money online. At the same time, there are a lot of legitimate opportunities available to folks who are willing to take them. How do you figure out the difference? Sometimes it isn’t easy or clear. But, if you’re ready to jump into the online world and start making a living, you’ll need to start somewhere.

Making money online has become much more common than it was about ten years ago. Today, most people know about the Internet and have access to the Internet using it to shop, bank, and look for answers to questions. Plugging into the Internet and trying to make money online makes a lot of sense. Millions of people are already doing it. If you’re wondering how to make money online, it really all depends on you and what you’re willing able to do online to make it happen.
Education, law, counseling, financial advising, mediation, and other service-oriented professions are starting to become more and more accessible online. People in these fields are starting to offer their services via chat and via telephone on a per minute basis. Soliciting the help of an online professional is appealing to a lot of people because its possible to shop around for the right person (by looking at their profiles) and then get help from the convenience, comfort, and privacy of home. Teachers can tutor kids across the world at whatever time of day works best for them. Lawyers can offer needed advice to people online without even having to get dressed to go to work. If you have a skill in a service-oriented profession, you may look into online networks where you might be able to offer advice.
Programming for the Internet, creating web site content, blogging, and doing marketing for other people’s web sites is also in high demand these days. If you have skills that would make it possible for you to do these tasks for others, tap into some of the online networks where you can offer these services.
Finally, building your own web site can be financially beneficial if you think ahead and come up with an intelligent plan for your site. If you create a web site with high quality content that is constantly being updated, you may be able to sell advertising that will make you a little bit of money each month. Depending on the content you choose for your site, you may be able to cash in on advertising in a big way, but it’s important to have a plan in place for developing content for a web site of this kind.
About Author – This guest post is by Dave Ritchie who is a software developer and technical writer with over a decade of professional experience. Dave is currently interested in online virus scan.
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How to Earn money Using your Social Media Skills

Inside the social media bubble, it seems like everyone knows how to use Twitter, Facebook and Google+. But the truth is, while most businesses and organizations realize they would benefit from having an online community, many don’t know how to grow one or lack the time to do it. If you’re awesome with online tools, this is a huge opportunity. Whether you already have a job and want to earn some cash on the side, or need a stop-gap income while you look for the right position, this demand for social media help can work in your favor — if you’re bold enough to step up to the plate.

How to Earn money Using your Social Media Skills

Here are a few tips for how to start making money using your social media skills :

Put a Value on Your Skills :

Don’t be one of those clueless “gurus” who have given social media consultants a bad rap. But don’t underestimate yourself either. This is often a bigger problem for people who have ideas and skills that deserve a price tag. If you know how to use social media strategically, work it. Chances are somebody out there wants to tap into your knowledge.

Work for Free (But Only Once) :

To prove you’re awesome at growing online communities — both to yourself and to potential clients — find a cash-strapped small business or non-profit organization and offer to do it for them for free. Not only is this a great way to build your resume, self confidence and knowledge, you’ll also grow your network, and hopefully come out on the other side with a client who’s willing to recommend you. The best part? No one will know you did it for free.

Land Your First Paying Client :

Use your experience working for free to solicit paid work. This is most difficult at the beginning, but once you have one client, you’ll be able to land others more easily. Hopefully, each client will tell her friends, who will tell their friends. If you do a great job for your clients, they will market your business for you. So how do you sign that first client? It usually happens through your existing friends and contacts. That’s how it happened for me, and that’s what my readers tell me works for them. Tap your networks via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and your blog. If you’re just starting your career, check out your parents’ networks, too. Those can be gold mines for this type of work. Tell everyone what you’re available to do. You never know where the first few leads may come from.

Don’t feel bashful about asking your friends and network to help you spread the word, especially in the beginning. They’ll likely be more than happy to do it. After all, your friends want to see you succeed.

Determine Your Services :

Define your offerings beyond saying you “do social media work.” Do you teach people how to use Twitter and Facebook? Or create blog strategies for companies to implement? Maybe you even grow online communities for your clients. That practice is sometimes shunned, but there’s often a case for outsourcing social media, especially when the client doesn’t have the know-how or the time to do it herself. Then consider what types of clients you want to work for. Individuals? Businesses? Organizations? Can you narrow those groups down by topic? The more specific you can be, the better your chances of connecting with the right people.

When a new acquaintance asks what you do, be prepared to explain in layman’s terms, using examples. “Social media” can sound vague and even daunting to newbies, and your target client may not be social-media savvy. Explain your services succinctly, and word will spread quickly about your offerings.

Decide What to Charge :

Prices for social media consulting run the gamut, from free to several hundred dollars an hour. No matter what you decide to charge, some people will think you’re too expensive, and others will think you’re a steal. The challenge is finding the sweet spot for your skills and experience. The beauty in figuring out what to charge, especially when you’re just getting started, is that it can vary from client to client. Think one client can afford to pay more? Offer a higher per hour or project quote. If you’re worried a potential client will lose interest once you reveal your prices, offer several tiers of service with different price tags attached.

Figure it out as you go. Whenever we leap into something new, we have hesitations. But you will learn by doing, so long as you have the guts to get started.

Tarak Bajpai & Top Officals in Judicial custody till 4 Aug 2011

29th July 2011 come as Black Friday for Speak Asians as in The Morning
 Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Arrested 29 July 2011

Tarak Bajpai Arrested

 From his house 74, Vijay Nagar Scheme , Indore at 3 PM in starting it was said that its a small investigation.

In the morning after this news was aired at 9:00 AM in the morning some speak asian’s gone for protest approx 50 Peoples they all get collected near commissioner office Mumbai . Its Raining their .

Addressing the media on Friday, Himanshu Roy, joint commissioner of police
(Mumbai crime branch) said :We have arrested

Tarak Bajpai Age 36     COO Speak Asia Management
Rajeev Mehrotra Age 50  –  Technical Head of the Portal
Shaikh Rais Latif Age 32 – Assistant for daily portal operations and in-charge of regular pop-ups.
Ravi Janakraj Khanna Age 44 – Finance Accountant

All These having arrested by EOW registered the case in Section 406 ( criminal breach of trust) and 420 ( cheating of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and under Section 3 (Banning of prize chit and money circulation schemes or enrollment as members or participation) and various other sections of the Prize Chit and Money Circulation Banning Act.

Rajvardhan Sinha, additional commissioner of police (EOW), said that Bajpai was being questioned about the company’s financial transactions and the money transferred outside India. “He has been working with SpeakAsia for little more than a year and takes home, a monthly salary of Rs 35,000, some shares and incentives.”

EOW have a doughts that Mr Tarak is not Saying the truth that why they was custody of Mr. Tarak Bajpai.

The arrests were made after two Mumbai investors lodged a complaint with the EOW,while the FIR was lodged  on July 28.The complainants claimed they had been cheated of Rs 5.43 lakh. “One of the complaint’s wallet was full of points, but no money had been transferred to his bank account.He was given any cheque either.

The company had 150 franchises across the country and 18 in Maharashtra.
Now EOW will Investigate all of them also more arrests are Done.

Speak Asia 19 Lakh Peoples have joined it till today with having Rs.2000 Carror work. Company has promise to give every investor 40% of Investment . World any bank or share market or some other business can not give this much of returns but Many companies in India , One of Them is Speak Asia is giving these promises to their investors . Invest Rs.10,000 and Get Rs.4,000 Per Month Invest Rs.1,00,000 and take Rs.40,000 Per month earn whole year . Who don’t want to invest after listing to these things. Some days before many MLM companies in Madhaya Pardesh are exposed and Now Speak Asia comes into investigation .

Check How Companies Like Speak Asia Works so that you will not get traped in their company According to Speak Asia it is online Survey company and he do survey for many Big Brands from these surveys this ( Speak Asia ) Earned a alot . (( But the Question Arises any Paid Survey Company Dont charge any thing from client means This 11,000 which speak Asia is taking and another thing they give Rs.50 – 250 Per Survey
these survey companies are listed under a Website name ”” and Major thing is payment come in your bank account in Dollors no Reward points or Some other things . ))

But in case of Speak Asia When Any body join with Rs. 11,000/- … Rs. 1,0000 Goes to that people who will join with his sponsor id means your up line . Means Your sponsor get his money and when u want your money back you will try to join 11 More to Get back your Rs.11,000 . On other end survey start coming and as company promises you will get Rs.500 per survey and as much down line work under you . You will get Rs.100 for Per Survey .

(( Means Company is so fool for a Single Survey it will pay Rs.500 as ur survey income and 100 * 50 Down line = 5000 as Binary Income means total of Rs.5,500 Per Survey . This is not earning company is giving you for the people you have joined to them. ))

Its a Simple Calculation Company is Given You Money From the Joiners you Joined to the company . Means For your Rs.11,000 you will make investment of others Rs. 1 Lak 10 Thousand now these make others to Join Like These 1,10,000 make from others Rs. 10 Lakh and So One but its is called “Money Circulation ” Or Pry mid Scheme which is In legal in India ….

(( But its legal in Singapore so why company not make peoples joined from their why company
comes to India and Dons things Like this ))

This Arrest was done because many peoples who have joined Speak Asia they are not Getting Money for doing Surveys .

Question 1  : Did the Application Submitted on 4th of July in ING Vyasa Bank for 
Account opening .. Did  Bank Will give permission to those who have Already 
have a Case 420a ?

Question 2:  What will Happens to Speak Asia Liaison Office In India ? 

Question 3 : What Will Happens to the commitments done By Speak Asian 
Speak Asia Pop Up 25 July 2011 ? 

Biggest Question Who is Responsible for Getting their Payouts back from Speak Asia in Panelist
Account.. Government is  Right on His END and Speak Asia Breaks Many Law in India and Chain Scheme is illegal in India .

Speak Asia Online News: Red Corner Notice against SpeakAsia Haren Kaur – 3 Aug 2011

Speak Asia Online News: Red Corner Notice against SpeakAsia Haren Kaur – 3 Aug 2011
Police Cops have said that they are Closed 5 bank accounts which is having Total of Rs.139 crore.
These Bank Accounts are hold By Indian Investigation Agencies .

We will Soon red corner notice to  Owner of Speak Asia Haren Kaur , According to our Information she is in Dubai .

2 Fresh Cases are Filed From Indore are Filed after Investigation.

Police Cyber Team  Said ” We information Computer Emergency Response team of Delhi and soon we Block the Website as Server is located in Singapore / US .we will Soon Globally Block all the Users. After

29th July after Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai is get for investigation EOW wings takes all the passwords of the website and Start Checking Records from the website.
As Information Till all this time Speak Asia Website Users are logging with Speak Asia Login
 with user name and password.
But as per information now Speak Asia Pop Up are Stoped which are prmianry source of Sharing News 
By Speak Asia Company to the Speak Asia Member and Others . 

Speak Asia Exit Option News on Aaj Tak – 3 August 2011

Company Send the Speak Asia Exit Option Letter having  Email to Speak Asians.

Times City 3 Aug 2011 – Page-7

Speak Asia Online Out Of Control In India

Recently CNBC AWAAZ news channel showing that Indian Government Not Able to control Speak Asia Online. Singapore company Speak Asia Online control in India is tough and its very big challenge for government of India. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) can’t do any thing with Speak Asia because involves with WCO and other country law’s. MCA give information with SEBI and RBI about Speak Asia online to Indian people that how to beware from this company and In upcoming three months they do programs in 300 city.

Speak Asia Launch New Website On 25th June

There is some good news for Speak Asian that now they will be experiencing a new website of Speak Asia which will also include e-commerce and there new Brand YUG. The new website will also feature Air Booking Facilities and you can also buy product directly from your E-Wallet like Mobile, TV, clothes etc. Subscribe to ENet Blog by Email.

To confirm this you can call Speak Asia Helpline numbers :- 91-11-46488000 & 91-11-46170511 .

New Update :- New Website Of Speak Asia which was going to launch on 25th June 2011 has been postpone. Now you will get a new Pop-Up from Speak Asia on 1st July 2011 in which there will be the information regarding New Website Launch and may be YUG Brand Launch.

Any further Update will be posted here. 

Starting today, every SpeakAsian Can See The Below Image – This Is An Indication That The New Website Of SpeakAsia Will Be Seen And Accessible Very Soon

Speakasia Latest News Today

SpeakAsia Latest – Responsiveness Seminar was held at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi as on 9th May 2011. The occasion was prepared in two swings – First in the morning acknowledged at 11:30am and finished by 1:30pm and second one in the late afternoon which in progress at 4:00pm and finished at 6:00pm.

SpeakAsia CEO India – Mr Tarak Bajpai was there in person and speak to the whole crowd of almost 8000 speakasians. There were key announcements made, the things to see of which You can watch in Recorded video of the Speakasia Latest Event. However, the all Official Announcments will be shared on SpeakAsia website soon, This latest speakasia Event proved much more positve actions in the market and speakasia community, it seems the unstopblae jounry of spekasia in india..

See the Latest Speak Asia Event Video Below – CEO – Mr Tarak Bajpai – Addressing at Talkatora Stadium New Delhi


Video streaming by Ustream

How to Earn Money From Speak Asia Online | Speak Asia Review

Welcome to “Speak Asia” – Asia’s Largest Survey Group

“You can earn from Rs. 4,000 ($80) to Rs. 40,000 ($800) per month”

For earning above income you have to enroll yourself with the company as a premium panelist by paying a subscription amount of Rs. 11,000 ($220) valid for 1year, in which you will be required to fill up2 surveys weekly by logging in to company website through your login id and password (which you will get upon your enrollment) and you will be paid Rs. 1000 ($20) weekly for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = Rs. 52, 000 ($1040).

Virtual Office:- Company also provides you a Virtual office with your login id & password to monitor growth of your business and see your earning details 24 -7, you do not have to maintain any records yourself as this is done online for you by the company’s high-tech software.

Referral: – You can earn more by referring this part time work to your friends relatives so that they also get benefited and you will get paid for getting them enrolled with the company, thus increasing company’s customer base. For each panel referred by you, you get 10% Rs. 1000.00 ($20) this income is paid on daily basis. (You can refer as many panelists as you can anywhere in India, Singapore and Malaysia and later on Thailand, Philippines and rest of the world).

Royalty: – You will also earn Royalty income of 15% of per panel per week of survey income of each of your referred panels for 52 weeks.

Add. Sub panel: – You can increase your income by filling more survey. For this you can add up to 9 sub panels at a discounted subscription rate of Rs. 10,000 ($200) per sub panel with your mail panel. (Total Subscription amount for 10 panels Rs. 1, 01000 ($2020). Then you will get up to 20 surveys (2 surveys per panel) weekly to fill up you have to work daily 1 hour (or you can work single day in a week for 7 hours and fill- up all 20 surveys) and you will be paid Rs. 10,000 ($200) every week for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = Rs. 5, 20,000 ($10400)

Visit the website :-

Watch How To Earn Money From Speak Asia Online

IPanelOnline: How to Earn Money with IPanelOnline?

Why invest to earn in Speak Asia or Ram survey?

Why invest such huge amount in Speak Asia or Ram survey, when you can join free and earn bigger amount of money than speak asia.

Earn Rs.10, 000 minimum per month  and no money to invest.

An international market research company dedicated to providing their clients with the consumer information. Simply register to become a member & log in to your a/c and earns Rs.500-700 daily. The data that is collected through these surveys provides the companies with information on buying trends, consumer preferences and opinions regarding to improvements or new innovations of products and services.

Only 10 minutes work every day.

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