Ubuntu 11.10 Now Available for Download

Ubuntu 11.10

In case you haven’t been keeping an eye on the countdown, we thought we’d remind you that Ubuntu 11.10 — otherwise known as Oneiric Ocelot — is now available to download (completely free of charge, of course). That brings with it an updated version of the Unity interface that includes features like a new alt + tab switcher and “Lenses” with some expanded functionality instead of the previous “Places” feature — not to mention full support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other script languages. Did we mention it also now has its own soundtrack? Head on past the break for a taste, and hit the source link below for a nifty web-based preview of the OS before you download.

Windows 8 might be Fast Startup Compared to Windows 7

Windows 8 might be Fast Startup Compared to Windows 7According to the latest post on MSDN’s Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft’s next-gen desktop OS will see a hugely improved boot time thanks to a clever technique. Rather than closing both the user session and the kernel session like in a traditional shutdown, Windows 8 will preserve the kernel session on the disk, thus creating a “hiberfile” that’s much smaller than that of the usual Windows hibernation — see the diagram after the break for a clearer idea. The result? An amazingly fast system bootup — even with the battery removed to begin with — that claims to be 30 to 70 percent faster than most systems tested by Microsoft. Head over to MSDN’s blog for the full technical explanation.

Windows 8 Bootup Diagram

SOURCE: MSDN via The Next Web

Apple’s iOS 5 File Says Beta 6 Is Coming Very Soon

iCloudil has found a file in iOS that appears to identify the release date of upcoming firmware versions and next iOS 5 Beta shall be released on 18 August. Apple can remotely control the dates in iOS file system and the main target would remain unchanged, that is, iOS 5 Beta 6 will arrive in August followed by the final release in September
Apple’s iOS 5 File Says Beta 6 Is Coming Very SoonAccording to a change in an iOS file spotted by iCloudil.com, Apple has set Thursday, August 18 as the release date for iOS 5 beta 6. It turns out that the file is remotely changeable by Appleand the dates seem to be targets because the original date in the file was a day earlier (Aug. 17).

Apple’s iOS 5 File Says Beta 6 Is Coming Very Soon

However, many people believe this is just be another iTunes check for update date and iTunes usually does this weekly.