Microsoft's Social Networking Site Tulalip

Facebook, Google+,unthink,Twitter and now Tulalip.Yes Microsoft is now designing the new social networking site named Tulalip.Tulalip was first seen about four days ago and was first reported on Fusible. Tulalip is in the phase of the early development you can expect hundreds of changes in the next few months. Microsoft claims that the first view of this social network was mistakenly published on the web and they actually didn’t mean to do that. Tulalip will be accessible later on the domain name which was recently bought by Microsoft. It is rumored that Microsoft on the same day when Google+ was first announced. That definitely means that Microsoft wants to join the social network forces and if they integrate their Microsoft softwares like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, etc. All these services, if integrated would make Tulalip superior to other social networking sites.

So as we all now Microsoft is the blue chip company,so actually i am expecting a lot more from Microsoft.It may give great competition to Facebook,google+ and is eagerly awaited by millions and billions of people. Microsoft has a great reach so Tulalip will receive a lot of hype when it launches.
Well i am really so excited and would be waiting for it!
So what you think about Tulalip?

May be it could give great competition to fb and Google+

Microsoft Launches Hotmail Application for Android

Android users usually get their emails via Google’s own Gmail while Windows Phone users probably prefer the Windows Live Hotmail offering.

Microsoft-Hotmail-AndroidHowever, if you’re on Android and still use Microsoft’s Hotmail, Redmond has released a free Android app for you. With the dedicated application you get instant notifications of an incoming email thanks to the usage of push email. The app allows you to sync calendar and contacts, view Hotmail folders and sub folders, send pictures from your phone using Hotmail, and set up multiple accounts. You can get the application for free or you can always use the Exchange Hotmail as it works flawlessly with Android too. Hop on to the source link now.

SOURCE: Android Market

Windows 8 might be Fast Startup Compared to Windows 7

Windows 8 might be Fast Startup Compared to Windows 7According to the latest post on MSDN’s Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft’s next-gen desktop OS will see a hugely improved boot time thanks to a clever technique. Rather than closing both the user session and the kernel session like in a traditional shutdown, Windows 8 will preserve the kernel session on the disk, thus creating a “hiberfile” that’s much smaller than that of the usual Windows hibernation — see the diagram after the break for a clearer idea. The result? An amazingly fast system bootup — even with the battery removed to begin with — that claims to be 30 to 70 percent faster than most systems tested by Microsoft. Head over to MSDN’s blog for the full technical explanation.

Windows 8 Bootup Diagram

SOURCE: MSDN via The Next Web

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware

Today we are publishing a new Microsoft SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware Cisco Validated Design. This solution highlights the key value of partner end to end integrated solutions. This SharePoint 2010 Enterprise deployment on FlexPod for VMware design guide demonstrates how enterprises can apply best practices for VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter, Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Nexus family switches, NetApp FAS. Through this single package, FlexPod for VMware allows every component of a traditional SharePoint 2010 Enterprise deployment to be consolidated.
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware
SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware