Projects in C Free Download, Source Code, C Projects Topics for Students

C Projects Free Download For Students. Various C Project Ideas and topics are also provided here for the MCA, BTECH, BCA, MSC-IT, BSC-IT, BSC-CSM, Engineering and Diploma students.

Following are the Some Minor projects provided by for the college students.You can download any project of your choice.

List of C Language Projects 

  1. Quiz System Game
  2. A Banking System
  3. College Canteen System
  4. Hospital Management
  5. Shopping Mall
  6. Railway Reservation System

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Multiple Choice Questions on C Language | MCQ on C Programing

Following are the Multiple Choice Questions on C Constants Along with the Answers given at the end of the quiz. C Language MCQ, Questions and Answers on C Language, C Programming Questions and Answers, MCQ on C, Objective Type Questions of C Language

1)  Character set of C language contains ?

  1. Alphabets
  2. Digits
  3. Special Symbols
  4. All of these

2)  A Variable name can have ?

  1. Any special symbol
  2. blank spaces
  3. double
  4. char

3)  In C language , one of the following is not a valid data type :

  1. long
  2. float
  3. double
  4. char

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A C Program To Enter Strings Of Data And Write Onto A Disk File

The following program enter strings of data from keyboard and write them onto a disk file. All the strings are terminated by pressing Enter key. In the end also Enter key is pressed to finish the data entry.  fputs() function writes the data on to the disk file which is opened, but this function does not insert Enter key at the end of the string. So we insert it after each string by using fputs(“\n”,fp) function.

Get Program Here

A C Program To Write Integer Data Into A File

Following programs write the integer data into a file . For writing integer data in the form f integer, the syntax is :  putw(n,fp);   , where n is integer constant or variable to be written onto a file and fp is the file pointer. A C Program To Write Integer Data Into A File,  C Program Examples, Integer Data C Programs, C Programing Examples.

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A C Program to Swap Two Numbers Using Call by Reference

Best C Program Example to Swap Two Numbers Using Call By Function or You can Also Say that A program to exchange the values of two variables by using call by value function.

Click Here to Get this Program


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50 Best C Programs in AllCompiler Blog

This is a Best collection of C Programs those are Available in All Compiler is a Web educational Blog which provides Tutorials on the computer languages like C , C++ . In addition , this blog is a great source for the MCQs and Interview question, PPTs and many programming examples on the computer languages. So All Compiler is a place for whom who wish to learn the computer language programming.

50 Best C Programs in AllCompiler Blog

List of C Programs

  1. Find out the perfect number using c program
  2. A program that finds out whether a number is Armstrong or not
  3. A program to check whether the given number is prime or not
  4. A code snippet that will reverse any given number
  5. A program to find the sum of digits of a given number
  6. A program to check whether the given number is palindrome or not
  7. A program to print the Floyd’s Triangle
  8. A program to find the power of a number
  9. A program to determine whether the particular year is leap year or not
  10. A program to find the addition of two matrices
  11. A program that display the today’s date
  12. A program to find whether the matrix is upper triangular or not
  13. A program to concatenate the two strings
  14. A program to find the length of a given string
  15. A program to empty the recycle bin
  16. A program to check whether the matrix is diagonal matrix or not
  17. A program to Check whether the matrix is zero/null matrix or not
  18. A program in C to check whether the matrix is lower triangular or not
  19. A Program To Make Random Numbers Using C
  20. A Menu Driven Program that output accordingly
  21. A program in C to shut down the computer
  22. A C program to get the ip address of your PC
  23. A C program to add two complex numbers
  24. A C program to sort a list using the bubble sort method
  25. A C program to delete a file
  26. A program in C to show the working of insertion sort
  27. A program in C to reverse an array
  28. A C program to calculate the standard deviation using functions
  29. A Program in c to replace a substring of a given string
  30. A C program to print Fibonacci Series using Recursive Function
  31. A C Program to Sort the Strings In Ascending Order
  32. A C Program To Merge The Elements Of Array
  33. A C Program To Delete An Element From An Array
  34. A C Program To Insert An Element Into The Array
  35. A C Program To Find The Biggest Element In The Array
  36. A Menu Driven Program In C That Performs The Arithmetic Operations
  37. A Program In C To Reverse The Floyds Triangle
  38. A Program To Copy One File to Another
  39. A Program To Print The Table Of Five In C
  40. A C Program To Calculate Sum Of First And Fourth Digit Of A Four Digit Number.
  41. Program In C That Finds The Compound Interest .
  42. A Program That Reads a String And Counts The Number Of Vowels,Words Present In The String
  43. A Program In C To Calculate Area And Perimeter Of A Rectangle And Area And Circumference Of A Circle.
  44. A Program In C++ To Find The Volume of Box
  45. A Program in C To Perform The Addition Of Two Numbers Using Pointers
  46. A C Program To Print The Pascal’s Traingle
  47. A Program In C To Enter Elements And Print Whether They Are Even Or Odd.
  48. A C Program To Interchange Its Even Position Elements With Odd Position Elements.
  49. A Program In C To Perform The Function Of Selection Sort
  50. A Program To Find Greater between two numbers in C++
  51. A Program To Calculate Tax @ 20% If The Salary Of A Person Is Greater Than 10000.
  52. A Program In C To Print ArmStrong Number Between 1 And 500
  53. A C Program To Print The Table Of 2 , 3 And 4 On One Screen


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How To Download Songs From Music.Raag.Fm?

How To Download Songs From Music.Raag.Fm?

Music.Raag.Fm Is Secure Site And Does’t Allow Free Download. But You Can Download Free Songs From Raag.Fm. Follow My Courser:-

1. First You Need Mozila Firefox and

2.Then Install Plugin Named Modify Header From Following Url:

3. Settings In Modify Header

4. After all The Settings Start Modify Header Fron Start Button And Enable The Action By Click On Enable/Disable Button.

(Note: Green Light Indicates Enable And Red Light Indicates Disable. According To Image Action Is Enable.)

5. Open And You Will See The URL Redirect To

6. Find The Songs Which You Want To Download And Right Click On It And Then Click Save Link As.

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Best Useful Software Websites For Needful Tasks

Best Useful Software Websites For Needful TasksThis is first article on Enet Blog which contains huge list of websites have great softwares for daily use.

First check the list and after that make comments… share this if you like it :)

Conversion of video files to different formats:
AutoGKVirtualDubAviSynth,DVD DecryptermEncoder,FFmpegNero Vision,ConvertxtodvdWinAvi creator,Magic Video ConverterAny Video ConverterSuper © |HandbrakeWinX HD

GPU Converters
BadaboomTMPGEnc |PowerDirector 7 (Nvidia)

PowerDirector 7 (ATi)

Video Codec Packages for video Playback
KLiteVista Codec PackCCCP |AC3 Filter

Conversion of Audio Files to different formats:

Playback of different format files:
VLCGOM PlayerCyberlink PowerDVDMPlayerWMP,WinAmpDivXWindows Media Player ClassicFoobar (Audio),Media Monkey (audio)XMMS,J.River Media Center

Other Audio Applications used for various purposes:
AudacityAudioGrabberMP3Tag,Tag & RenameId3tagNero WavEditorSonicStage,SonicAcidReasonsFruity Loops,Pro Audiodb poweramp (Ripper)

ISO Burning Software
ImgBurnCDBurnerXPNero,MagicISOPowerISOAlcohol 120%

LightScribe Software
neroroxioLightscribe |acoustica surething

Disk Formatting Tools
KillDiskGPartedPowerMax,ERD Commander (If you can find it)Boot and Nuke (AKA DBan)Acronis Disk Director

Hard Drive Tools
SpinRiteSeaTools (ONLY if you have a Seagate Drive)WD Data Lifeguard Tools (ONLY if you have a WD Drive)HDD Regenerator

Boot Tools

Archiving Software (Compression Software)
7Zip ALZip Filzip IZArc KGB Archiver PeaZip Picozip |Powerarchiver SQX TUGZip |WinAce WinRar WinZip |ZipGenuisZipeg

FTP Software
SmartFTPFileZillaFlashFXP |FTPVoyagerCoreFTP

Recovery Software
OnTrackRecuvaPandora Recovery

Remind  in comments if I miss one or more …

Copy & Rip your DVDs in 5 Minutes

The Fastest and Easiest way to copy and Rip your DVDs has been introduced by windows based “WinX DVD Ripper Platinum” Software.

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If you want to Copy full DVD video disc, it is possible by selecting one option from three which includes to (1) copy main content of the selected title to a single MPG file (2) copy full title including audio/video/subtitles to a single MPG file and (3) copy full DVD video disc to ISO image file which can be burn further for future use.

You will have all clear audio and video in outputs without any glitches or scratches. You will also enjoy high quality video, 5.1 AC-3 surround and DTS audio 100% same as the original one.

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Please have a look on different System Requirements for the best results:

Microsoft® Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (32 & 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)

Processor: 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above

RAM: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)

Free Hard Disk: 100MB space for installation

Graphic Card: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)

Others:DVD-ROM drive.