Google Play Option is Added In Google’s Navigation Bar

Google Recently Added a New Digital Service in Google Navigation Bar That is Google Play. Google Introduce this Service in March 2012 When Google Rebrand its Android App Download Store. Google Play Includes an Online Store for Music , Movies, Books, Android Application and Music, As Well As a Cloud Media Player. Google Play is Online Service Which you can access from the Web, Mobile App On Andrioid and Google TV. Today When I Open Google Search in My Laptop then i Focused on Play Link. So I am Sharing This Article With You.

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How To Get More Visitors to Your Blog – SEO Tips With Video

How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog - SEO Tips With VideoIt is easy to create a blog but it is not so easy to make it successful. Their is an art of getting more visitors to your blog and SEO is one of that art. Here I Am Sharing a Video along with the Article That provides you the knowledge of 5 Common Mistakes and 8 SEO Tips Those are Useful To Get More Visitors To Your Blog.


A Video for 5 Common Mistakes in SEO


5 Interesting Questions on Human Body

Here are 5 Interesting Questions on Human Body

1)  Why do we have Eyebrows ?5 Interesting Questions on Human Body

Ans :  Although we have hair all over our bodies, it tends to grow thickest where some form of protection is needed.Both eyebrow and eyelashes are designed to protect the eyes from dust.



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Multiple Choice Questions on C Language | MCQ on C Programing

Following are the Multiple Choice Questions on C Constants Along with the Answers given at the end of the quiz. C Language MCQ, Questions and Answers on C Language, C Programming Questions and Answers, MCQ on C, Objective Type Questions of C Language

1)  Character set of C language contains ?

  1. Alphabets
  2. Digits
  3. Special Symbols
  4. All of these

2)  A Variable name can have ?

  1. Any special symbol
  2. blank spaces
  3. double
  4. char

3)  In C language , one of the following is not a valid data type :

  1. long
  2. float
  3. double
  4. char

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A C Program To Enter Strings Of Data And Write Onto A Disk File

The following program enter strings of data from keyboard and write them onto a disk file. All the strings are terminated by pressing Enter key. In the end also Enter key is pressed to finish the data entry.  fputs() function writes the data on to the disk file which is opened, but this function does not insert Enter key at the end of the string. So we insert it after each string by using fputs(“\n”,fp) function.

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A C Program To Write Integer Data Into A File

Following programs write the integer data into a file . For writing integer data in the form f integer, the syntax is :  putw(n,fp);   , where n is integer constant or variable to be written onto a file and fp is the file pointer. A C Program To Write Integer Data Into A File,  C Program Examples, Integer Data C Programs, C Programing Examples.

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Bangladesh Vs Pakistan Final Live Stream 2012 Asia Cup 22 March

Asia Cup 2012 Final: Bangladesh Vs Pakistan at Dhaka. Watch BAN Vs PAK asia cup 2012 final cup livestreaming match online on neo sports or neo cricket tv or BTV. This match will be start from Mar 22, 2012 (14:00 local | 08:00 GMT). BAN vs PAK match will be played on Sher-e-Bangla Stadium Mirpur.

Match Information:

Bangladesh Vs Pakistan Live
Mar 22, 2012 (14:00 local | 08:00 GMT)
Sher-e-Bangla Stadium Mirpur
20 march 2012: Bangladesh won by 5 wickets (with 17 balls remaining) (D/L method). Sri Lanka 232 (49.5 ov)
Bangladesh 212/5 (37.1/40 ov, target 212)
Bangladesh won by 5 wickets (with 17 balls remaining) (D/L method)
Bangladesh also won their previous Asia game against India. BD Cricket team played their exciting cricket game all matches of asia cup 2012. So, what will be happed their final match of asia cup 2012. Everyone are waiting for the game who will be won this game.
Bangladesh Cricket Teams Player Mushfiqur Rahim & Shakib Al Hasan said that, they played well but they also want to win their final match. This is the big history for the bangladesh cricket team to play the 2012 Aisa cup Final match against Pakistan. Both player also said that all cricket lover of bangladesh and whole world loves the game and also Bangladesh cricket team always. They wants to supports from the crowed every time.
So, Lets go what will be happen 2012 asia cup final match between Pakistan Vs Bangladesh match on 22 march at Mirpur (Dhaka).

Nokia Tattoo Technology Sense When Your Phone is Ringing

Nokia Tattoo Technology

Tattoo Technology of Nokia is in its Patent Stage , that may or may become a reality , that would sense whether your phone is ringing or not. Users would have to commit to a minor surgical procedure to have advantage of this technology. The magnetic tattoo ensures that you are not going to miss another call .

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A C Program to Swap Two Numbers Using Call by Reference

Best C Program Example to Swap Two Numbers Using Call By Function or You can Also Say that A program to exchange the values of two variables by using call by value function.

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