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Facebook Timeline for iPad Coming in January 2012

Facebook Timeline for iPad Coming in January 2012

Facebook launched its iPad app in October and it’s ready to go through an overhaul. Timeline, which released for most Facebook users on the 16th of December, will go to the iPad in January of 2012 reports Mashable. For now, Timeline is already available to Android users, Facebook’s mobile site as well as some iPhone users. Due to certain bugs and technical snags, the iPad version has been delayed till the middle or the end of January. Facebook wanted to use the full ability of the iPad’s graphics and touchscreen ability. Facebook says that the iPad requires more sophisticated coding than their regular smartphone apps.

iPad users can also access Timeline by going through Facebook’s mobile site using the browser, but using Facebook through the mobile browser does not always work that well. With Timeline, iPad users will be able to access all their Facebook activities, since they joined, and add life events from when they were born till the current day, even if Facebook wasn’t around. They will be able to add or change a cover photo for their Timeline.

SOURCE: Mashable

India's National Anthem Completes 100 Years | We Proud To Be Indians

Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was first performed on December 27, 1911, at the Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress which was then a national movement. Decades later , after Independence, the Constituent Assembly adopted the song as the national anthem on January 24, 1950.

India's National Anthem Completes 100 Years | We Proud To Be Indians

Written in highly Sanskritized Bengali , the passages conveys the immense power of India’s diversity in unity. He translated the song in English called ‘The Morning Song of India’.

Although he wrote five lengthy stanzas to ‘Jana Gana Mana’, only the first was recorded because of time constraints. Most people are unaware that the 52-second version we hear is part of the whole.

Rabindranath Tagore is the only individual in the world credited with the national anthem for two nations, the other being ‘Amar Sonar Bangla’ that was adopted by Bangladesh.

Source: Current Week

Anna Hazare Shown Black Flags by Anti-Anna Protesters

MUMBAI: A handful of anti-Anna Hazare protesters today showed black flags to the anti-graft campaigner, who is set to begin his three-day fast here against the “weak” Lokpal Bill.

The convoy of Hazare, on way to Mahatma Gandhi’s statue on Juhu beach, was briefly stopped by around 20 men carrying black flags and national tricolour and shouting “Anna Hazare murdabad”, close to the guest house where the activist stayed overnight.

The identity of the protesters was not immediately known.

However, soon the convoy left for Juhu where Hazare paid respects at Mahatma Gandhi’s statue, along with key members of his team Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Manish Sisodia and former Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde. Kejriwal and Bedi are scheduled to fast with Hazare.

Earlier, Hazare, looking a bit under the weather left the state government guest house at Bandra. He was suffering from cold and fever and was under medication.

Hazare, after paying tributes to the father of the nation, sent for a mattress on which he sat in meditation in front of the Mahatma’s statue. He will later proceed to the MMRDA ground at Bandra-Kurla Complex.

A handful of people showed black flags to Anna Hazare today morning in Mumbai as he was heading towards the fast venue, Azad Maidan via Juhu Beach. The protestors demanded that Anna should have called for inclusion of corporate sector in the Lokpal Bill and alleged he is disrespecting the country’s constitution.

Team Anna Asks Hazare to End Fast | Latest News Mumbai 27 Dec 2011

Mumbai, December 27 (TruthDive): Anna Hazare started his three-day fast against corruption and strong Lokpal today.
But, Team Anna members Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday appealed to the Gandhian to end his fast as he is not well.

Team Anna Asks Hazare to End Fast

“He has fever, let us request him to stop his fast. Anna can continue his dharna,” Bedi said addressing supporters at the MMRDA ground where Hazare was sitting on fast.

According to Bedi and Kejriwal, Anna has viral fever, cough and cold. “He is a little weak as of now, but will be fit to fast from tomorrow. His blood pressure and other vital parameters are normal. He has got a little cough and cold but he is getting better,” his doctor D G Pote had said yesterday.

The 74-year-old activist was suffering from viral infection and his personal assistant Suresh Pathare had been insisting that Hazare was well and he will be sitting on fast.

“Anna is unwell. Will you request Anna to withdraw his fast?” Bedi asked the crowd, which responded with a loud “Yes”.
However, Hazare, looking quite under the weather, waved his hand in a gesture of “No”. Kejriwal and another close aide Manish Sisodia also requested Hazare to end his fast. “We request Anna to call off his fast and continue the dharna. We all are on fast,” Kejriwal said.

There was a low turnout at the MMRDA ground and is reported to be around five thousand. “We are not dissappointed of low turnout. We expect it to go up,” Bedi said. “Mobile networks are down here on such a crucial day. I don’t know whether it’s a conspiracy,” Kiran Bedi said.

Earlier, Anna travelled in a decorated open truck from the guest house to MMRDA grounds waving tricolour and a number of people were seen waiting to greet him on the streets.

Beaware Facebook Timline Cannot be Deactivated

Beaware Facebook Timline Cannot be Deactivated

Facebook’s Timeline feature went live worldwide, in both your regular browser and in the Android and mobile web versions, but beware, once you activate the stream of memories, there’s no going back. The new version turns your Facebook profile into a history lesson spanning all the years you’ve been active on the site, and while the social network has been at pains to point out the range of privacy settings, one big option is conspicuously absent: the ability to turn it all off.

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Developers and early adopters who have tried Timeline using the pre-launch test workaround were able to deactivate the page and return to the regular profile layout, but that option has disappeared since the official launch. Those turning on Timeline now have seven days to preview and tweak what details, photos, likes, interests and videos are included on the page, before it automatically goes live.

As for Facebook’s help pages, there’s no reference given to turning off Timeline. In fact, the only conversion reference is if you accidentally switch your Timeline to a business page, something which requires contacting Facebook support to rectify. As the social network points out, only individuals are currently allowed to run Timelines, not brands. Facebook has confirmed to us that there is no way to return to the old-style profile once you have switched to Timeline. Those who choose not to opt-in to Timeline will be automatically updated.

The new system has already come under fire from EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center), which has blasted Facebook for introducing Timeline just weeks after settling a privacy lawsuit which accused it of “unfair and deceptive” business practices.

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